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Common Core

The easiest way for teachers to assess, track and improve student performance

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The Nutmeg for Students App

Students use this FREE app to take your assessments on Apple and Android phones and tablets. Students get immediate feedback and access free tutorials and resources to improve. Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Students get an email link to download the app when you add them to your class on Nutmeg Education.

Using Nutmeg is Easy

  • Create Assessments

    Build assessments with questions from our bank, or create your own questions.

  • Send to Students

    Students take assessments with any device, or with paper/pencil.

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    Support Learning

    Teachers get data and insights on students' Common Core understanding.

    YouTube for Schools
    Empower Students

    Students see a detailed summary of their performance across different skills, work on practice questions and improve their understanding with extra help through resources from content providers like these:

    YouTube for Schools Khan Academy CreativeCommons
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