Wordtune vs Grammarly – Which One Is The Best?

Writing is my job, and obviously, it is something that I really love doing, but the errors and punctuation mistakes that come along with it are annoying and require some help.

That’s when I got to know about the best writing tools on the internet, which were Wordtune and Grammarly, which were advertised claiming that it neglects all the errors in your content.

Although I was skeptical about Wordtune and Grammarly, I was equally curious to try Wordtune and Grammarly to determine if they really work. Yes, I am a curious kid. 

I mean, I do not want to get fooled by Wordtune and Grammarly but guess what? After using Wordtune and Grammarly for several weeks, I was glad to choose Wordtune and Grammarly.

I did use Wordtune and Grammarly simultaneously, but some features let one stand ahead of the other. Hence, I decided to write a detailed review on Wordtune and Grammarly.

In this review, you will learn everything about Wordtune and Grammarly, their ease of use, the pros and cons of Wordtune and Grammarly, and the pricing of Wordtune and Grammarly.

Towards the end, you can also catch the verdict – “Which of the two do I recommend?”

Overview: Wordtune vs Grammarly

Two competitive words assisting software, Wordtune and Grammarly, seem to give numerous benefits that you might not know about in general. At least if you are new.

Hence, I will break down the overview of Wordtune and Grammarly so that you can make the best decision in choosing between Wordtune and Grammarly. 

Grammarly is a powerful AI-integrated grammar checker with additional features like plagiarism checking, tone detection, and word enhancement. 

I mean, I would say that Grammarly is the perfect package for writers for valid reasons, whereas Wordtune is also a great AI-powered writing tool that can rephrase your words within seconds.

Although Grammarly might detect the tone of your written content, Wordtune steps ahead and transforms the tone you would want your written content to sound. Impressive, right?

What’s more? Wordtune can also rewrite sentences from 9 selective languages globally, but unfortunately, Grammarly has not been updated with translator tools or language-changing tools.

Best Features: Wordtune vs Grammarly 

You know how Wordtune and Grammarly work now, don’t you? Let me give an insider’s look into some of the best features of Wordtune and Grammarly so that you can learn more about them.

Grammarly best features

By checking through all the best features in Grammarly, I had a smooth writing experience, especially the word enhancement features, which improved my writing style.

Wordtune vs Grammarly  - Grammarly

Along with that, Grammarly ensured me to correct all the improper prepositions and common errors I was making while drafting the content. Despite my proofreading, Grammarly could spot mistakes that were often overlooked and gave advanced-genre suggestions.

 Grammarly - Correct Spelling

You can attach Grammarly as a browser extension and proofread in real-time while still writing on Google Docs. Speaking of browser extensions, Grammarly is available in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and even Safari for IOS. 

  Grammarly - Browser Extension

Yes, Grammarly can be accessed on both Android and IOS. Additionally, in some cases, if you want a specific word to be added in content but constantly getting detected as an error, then the alteration to the personal dictionary in Grammarly will help.

We know that English does not converse in the same way globally. I mean, the accents and the spellings. Even for that, Grammarly has got the perfect fix with a change in the preferred language.

You do not have to worry about writing in different English if your client is in a different country like America or Canada. Grammarly supports Australian, American, Canadian, and even British English, which is incredible. 

The incredible plagiarism checker is one of the best features in Grammarly. I mean, not all writing assistants or grammar checker tools provide tools for checking plagiarism.

 Grammarly - Plagiarism Checker

The best part about Grammarly is that you get the most benefit for free with no additional charges. Grammarly did not restrict certain features since it was free.

Although there is Grammarly Premium which is an extended version of the free module.

Wordtune best features

Wordtune is an excellent writing tool with an incredible AI integration that helps in fast-checking.

I got to know that Wordtune excels with its rephrasing tool which comes in handy if you write sentences on the run and forget about the grammar and structuring; Wordtune got you.

Wordtune  - Overview

The best part about Wordtune is that it also has the best keyboard shortcut which makes the workflow a lot easier than Grammarly since it can be a tedious process to click on each word. 

Wordtune has ensured to develop their software for a butter-like user experience. 

I mean, who wouldn’t like a shortcut? At least I do, and Wordtune made it possible.

Additionally, Wordtune has a unique online editor which can be accessed if you want to proofread written content from elsewhere, where several features make it more compelling.

Wordtune  - Online Editor

I did not realize that Wordtune can rewrite sentences written in a non-English language. 

Wordtune  - Rewrite

How cool is that? I was taken aback to know that there is a feature in Wordtune that can translate yet correct all the grammatical errors and produce well-curated content.

Wordtune  - English Translate

Although other tools performed well in Grammarly, Wordtune has different modes that change the tone of a sentence. Like, you can literally transform a sentence that sounds casual.

Wordtune  - Change The Sentence Tone

For example, when I am writing an article that needs to sound formal, say a work-related email or a job application, Wordtune was indeed helpful in instantly changing the tone in no time. 

Ease of Use: Wordtune vs Grammarly (My Experience)

In my experience, both Wordtune and Grammarly did a great job. In case Wordtune lagged in certain areas, Grammarly could cover up for it. 

I used Wordtune and Grammarly simultaneously and separately to understand how different they were from one another, and the results surprised me. 

Since most features in Wordtune were available in Grammarly as well, Grammarly performed them better and more accurately, leaving no room for additional editing or proofreading.

Although I found one thing very interesting was to use the keyboard shortcut in Wordtune which eased my workflow in seconds. 

Unlike Grammarly, I did not have to click every word to edit it.

Both Wordtune and Grammarly were accessible via web browser extensions, and I found no trouble since there was no lagging or glitching when using the tools. 

The drawback with Wordtune in terms of extensions is that only Google Chrome was supported, whereas Grammarly can be used in various platforms like Safari, Firefox, Gmail, and more. 

Comparatively, although Wordtune had minimal features, they were excelling in their terms. For instance, the translator tool was very reliable, and the tone rephrasing was flexible.

Even Grammarly has a tone detection tool, but it does not transform a sentence into a different tone like Wordtune, and that is something a user might like. I caught myself using it very often. 

Along with the tone changer tool, you can also extend or shorten sentences in Wordtune if you want to hit a specific word count or want to keep it minimal. Such a feature is beneficial.

Pricing Battle: Wordtune vs Grammarly

You know about the features, the differences, the ease of use, but what about the costs of Wordtune and Grammarly? Well, let me break down their pricing plans right away!

Wordtune Pricing

Like other grammar checker tools, Wordtune also offers a free version, but there is bad news.

Unfortunately, most features are restricted, and you can only rewrite sentences with the standard (free) version of Wordtune. At least Wordtune could have added the translator tool.

Wordtune  - Pricing

Wordtune Premium

The good news is that there is an affordable premium version of Wordtune, which offers all the benefits at an appropriate budget. I mean, look at the price for yourself. Seems cheap, right?

  • Wordtune Premium – $9.99 per month (billed as $119.88 annually)
  • Wordtune Premium for Teams – You are advised to contact Wordtune’s official team since they will get back to you on the pricing based on the number of members.

Wordtune Premium is the best investment if you look for a cheap grammar checking tool that can translate, shorten, extend, and still rewrite the errored sentences accurately. However, it could have been better if Wordtune Premium included plagiarism checkers in their features. 

NOTE: The only difference between the individual and team plan is the billing structure.

Grammarly Pricing

Unlike Wordtune, Grammarly offers multiple benefits within their standard (free) version like tone detection, punctuation checking, error correction and change of preferred language. 

Grammarly has two solid pricing plans based on subscription modules. They are:

  • Grammarly Premium – Individual plan

Grammarly Premium is an excellent choice if you wish to improve your English better because most features in Grammarly Premium also help in enhancing vocabulary.

Wordtune  - Grammarly Pricing

What’s more? You also get a plagiarism checker, one of the reliable features, along with genre-specific suggestions which help in getting going with your writing. 

Even the individual plan in Grammarly Premium can be purchased in three modules, namely,

  1. Monthly subscription – $30 per month
  2. Quarterly subscription – $60 per three months (billed as one payment)
  3. Annual subscription – $144 per year (billed as one payment)

NOTE: You need not worry about the conversion rate if you are buying Grammarly Premium in your local currency since they will automatically convert it with the exchange rate at the time of purchase of the Grammarly Premium. This also applies to Grammarly for Business.

  • Grammarly for Business – Team plan

Grammarly for Business might be helpful if you work in a marketing company or a publishing agency since the workload might demand writing assistance. Hence, Grammarly has introduced their business module called Grammarly for Business in subscription modules:

  1. Monthly subscription – $25 per member/month (single payment, single billing)
  2. Annual subscription – $12.50 per member/month (3 to 9 members only)
  3. Annual subscription – $12.08 per member/month (10 to 49 members only)
  4. Annual subscription – $11.67 per member/month (50 to 149 members only)

Although there is only one monthly subscription module in Grammarly for Business, the annual subscription plans are recommended since they can carry from 3 members to almost 150 members.

Pros & Cons: Wordtune Vs Grammarly

Even if Wordtune and Grammarly might have been advertised as the best, some honest points need to be addressed, followed by some downsides. They are:

Wordtune Pros

  • Excellent rephrasing tool.
  • Availability of a translator tool.
  • You can shorten or extend sentences.
  • Change the tone of the written content.

Wordtune Cons

  • No plagiarism checker.
  • Only accessible via Google Chrome.

Grammarly Pros

  • Brilliant tone detection.
  • Change of preferred English.
  • Error correction in real-time. 
  • Grammarly can be integrated with multiple sites.
  • You can get advanced-genre specific suggestions.
  • The option of a plagiarism checker is also available.

Grammarly Cons

  • Plagiarism checkers are paid.
  • Grammarly Premium does not provide a free trial.

Wordtune vs Grammarly – Which One Do I Recommend? 

Personally, after using all the features in Wordtune and Grammarly, I must say that I am satisfied with Grammarly except their pricing but hear me out. 

Grammarly is the only AI-induced software that offers multiple benefits under a single roof, including plagiarism checker and tone detection, which were two outstanding features.

Although Wordtune excelled to some extent, Grammarly stood out of the league with their advanced genre-specific suggestions, sentence rephrasing, and accuracy in corrections. 

Ultimately, my workflow got smoothened. Thanks to Grammarly! Still, Grammarly’s pricing can be pretty expensive, but the best part is that its free version itself offers several features.

That is where Wordtune falls back since the basic features are locked in Wordtune Premium, and you cannot access it until you pay for their subscription. 

In contrast, Grammarly offers free benefits, including incredible tone detection. 

I mean, what are you still doubting about? 

Buy Grammarly Premium and start proofreading in real-time!

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