Grammarly Premium Discount (2024) – Get 25% OFF

We have an exclusive Grammarly discount where you can save up to 25% discount on Grammarly Premium, along with the regular annual discounts.

Using our discount link, you can grab the annual plan at as low as $9/month.

Let’s dive into our step-by-step guide to grab Grammarly Premium at a discounted price!

Grammarly Discount Code — Get 25% OFF

Get all the plans at a flat 25% off with our official discount link.
Offer is applicable on all the plans.

Grammarly Premium Discount: On-Going Offer (2024)

Currently, Grammarly is offering a massive 25% discount on its annual subscription. Check out the table below to get a clear gist of the total savings and cost of the Grammarly premium plans!

Note: The discount is valid on all the plans.

If you want to look at the detailed pricing and need help with choosing the right plan, you can read our guide on Grammarly’s detailed pricing.

How to Redeem Grammarly Premium Discount Offer

Now that you know the ongoing discount, unlocking the massive discount is just a few steps away. 

Follow our step-by-step guidelines below! 

Step #1: Tap on our exclusive discount link, which will automatically take you to the current offer page! 

Grammarly Discount-Grammarly page

Step #2: Create a Grammarly account using your email, name, and password. However, if you already have an account, log in using your credentials. 

Grammarly Discount-create an account

Step #3: On your left side, you will see an option that says “premium.” Click on the premium option. 

Grammarly Discount-select premium option

Step #4: Now, you will be redirected to the premium plan options. Below the premium option, tap on ‘get started.’ 

Grammarly Discount- premium plan

Step #5: You will now have to choose the right plan. If you want to save 20%, opt for an annual subscription. Similarly, if you plan to use Grammarly premium for not more than three months, opt for the quarterly plan.

Grammarly Discount Pricing

Step #5: Tap on the ‘Select’ option, redirecting you to the payment section. 

Step #6: Over here, you can choose between PayPal and credit card payment options. Enter your payment details as asked on your screen. 

Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed your Grammarly premium discount with us! 

Grammarly Premium: Pricing! 

It is no surprise that Grammarly premium is preferred worldwide by some of the biggest individuals and businesses. However, let us check out the pricing of Grammarly premium below. 

Grammarly PlanOriginal PlanDiscount offeredDiscounted Price
Annual $36060%$144

Grammarly for Business: 

You can choose the business plan if you are a professional and need one account for your team. Unlike individual plans, you can use one account and allow it to your team members. It supports 3 to 149 members on one account. The price per member is $15 per month for each member! 

The plan is ideal for teams who need a one-stop solution for all the members. 

Grammarly Premium vs Free 

We have already made a detailed comparison of Grammarly free vs premium that you can read. It will help you decide to know which version is ideal for your needs. Besides, here’s a quick look at the difference.

Unlike other writing tools in the market, Grammarly’s free version is excellent and greatly helps your writing. The free version detects all the basic grammatical and spelling errors throughout your content.

On the other hand, the premium version goes beyond its limit to assist your writing and ensure your content is of top-notch quality. The premium version allows you to set the tone for your audience and provide suggestions based on that. You can also check for plagiarism with the premium version and polish your content to ensure it is 100% error and plagiarism-free. 

To help you understand the difference between the free and premium Grammarly versions, let us take a look at the comparison table below. 

Free Version
Premium Version
Tone Adjustment
Plagiarism Checker
Tone Detection
Advanced Suggestions

Formality Level
Customization Settings

Does Grammarly Offer Student Discounts? 

Unfortunately, Grammarly does not offer any student discounts. During our research, we came across multiple websites that mislead readers into believing that Grammarly offers a student discount. However, we spoke to Grammarly’s official team and concluded that Grammarly does not officially provide a student discount. 

Meanwhile, a few universities and educational institutions have tied up with Grammarly and offered a free premium version to their students. To get that, you need to contact your educational institute and enquire if they offer free premium Grammarly plans to their students. 

Nevertheless, you do not have to be disappointed. The discount mentioned above works for everyone, even if you are a student! With our exclusive discount link, you can grab a 60% discount on the Grammarly premium.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth Paying?

Grammarly is indeed worth paying for! Users can enjoy plenty of perks that the free version is missing out on! As a Grammarly premium user, here are a few features that come in handy when editing my content. 

  • Checking for plagiarism against billions of web sources. 
  • Advance suggestions to point out my mistakes that the free version skips. 
  • Advance customization options so I can set my tone as per the brand guidelines. 
  • Detailed report to check each content. 
  • Provides clarity and fluency suggestions. 

You can check my in-depth review of Grammarly to see how it works and how the premium version can benefit you!

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Which is the best Grammarly Premium Discount?

Undoubtedly, Grammarly Premium has been catering to our needs over the last few years, and we highly recommend using the premium version to anyone who needs assistance with their writing. 

With the current Grammarly Discount, you can grab the plan at a massive saving. We recommend going with the annual plan as you can save maximum and get access to the Premium version at a pocket-friendly price.

Go ahead and grab the discount before it expires!


Can I get Grammarly Premium for free?

Unfortunately, Grammarly does not offer a free trial for the premium version. You can only get the free version, but to access the premium version, you will have to pay for the plan. 

What if I’m not satisfied with the premium version after purchasing?

Grammarly does not offer any money-back guarantee or refund policy. However, you can cancel your subscription anytime, but you won’t get any refund on your purchase. 

How much can I save through the Grammarly discount?

If you go through our exclusive discount link, you can save 60% on the annual and 33% on the quarterly plans. 

Why is my discount link not working?

If you face trouble with our exclusive discount link or cannot see the discount, there may be a chance that the discount will expire. Nevertheless, we keep our page updated frequently with the latest discounts, so you can check out the new discounts and offers in some time. 

Which is the cheapest Grammarly premium plan?

If you need a budget-friendly option, the cheapest Grammarly premium subscription will cost you $12 per month with our discount link. Note that you can only make a one-time payment for the annual plan. There is no option to pay monthly for the annual subscription. 

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