Exam Edge Review 2024: Does It Really Help You Prepare?

Are you feeling the pressure of an upcoming certification test? Or are you unsure of where to start?

Exam Edge has the answer!

Exam Edge is an extensive platform offering practice exams for over 1,800 certification tests. Exam Edge has got you covered whether you are preparing for a legal, medical, or education certification.

But what sets Exam Edge apart from the rest? In this article, we will take a deep dive into its features, pricing, and effectiveness to give you a comprehensive review of what Exam Edge has to offer. 

We will also explore their user-friendly interface, adaptive learning technology, and personalized study plans to help you decide if this online test prep tool fits you.

So, let’s quickly get into it.

Exam Edge: Pros & Cons

Exam Edge helps in the ultimate preparation for an exam. Though the platform comes with a list of perks, a few downsides are least talked about. 

Exam Edge Pros

  • Familiarity with test formats is achieved.
  • Flexible enough to use any device quickly at any time.
  • It is relatively cheap compared to other alternative options.
  • Provide timed tests to build time management skills.
  • Exam options in various industrial fields are available
  • 24/7 customer support and accessibility are also available.
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in every chosen exam.
  • Resulting in less anxiety about future tests and competitive exams.

Exam Edge Cons

  • Absence of a mobile application for easy navigation.
  • There is no money-back guarantee or refund policy available.
  • Although most exams are available, a few exams are yet to be added.

What is Exam Edge?

Exam Edge is an online website exclusively designed for students, which will transform the way a student prepares typically for an exam, especially competitive exams. Revisions with exam edge will result in less test anxiety and a structured writing pattern in your exams.

Exam Edge Review

The 2006 established preparation guide, Exam Edge, is said to ease out the preparation process for an exam by providing real-life practical exams. 

The best part about Exam Edge is that they also produce timed tests so that you can practice time management with the number of exams that you take, which can be very helpful.

The main aim of Exam Edge is to provide adequate help with pre-programmed exams so that you get an experience of the certification exams prior and get the results earlier so that you get to know the places where you are falling back and the places you are performing the best.

There are no limitations on exams in Exam Edge. You get a plethora of exams from different industries like Medicine, Accounting, Government, Teaching, etc. Exam Edge also provides exams for college placement, which can help you ace that exam and get placed quickly.

What’s more? Exam Edge also provides international exams, which some students might find trouble in. Hence, there is nothing to worry about how challenging or competitive international exams will be because Exam Edge will give you similarly formatted questions in a structured exam. 

Additionally, Exam Edge has also published articles/blogs on topics like how to become a nurse practitioner, how to become a pharmacy tech, and many more, which is beneficial for users.

How Does Exam Edge Work?

Using Exam Edge is really straightforward, and you can easily prep for your certification test. To get started, just visit their official website and, on the search bar, enter the name of the exam you’re searching for. You will see plenty of courses related to that exam. Click on any of the courses of your liking, and it will show you an overview of its content along with its reviews.

On the right side, you will see the purchase option. Now you have two options; you can either purchase that exam one time or five times. After making your choice, you will see the checkout page where you need to provide your credit card info and complete the purchase. Now, you can use the practice exams of Exam Edge to prepare for the real test.

Exam Edge Features 

Now that you have an overall idea about Exam Edge, let’s now move on to the features of this platform.

1. Get Access To your Exams 14/7:

With this platform, you can easily access assessments at any time and on any of your devices. You can study whenever it is convenient for you.

2. Get 100% passing Guraantee:

Exam Edge profoundly claims they have guaranteed all students a passing grade. It is applicable only if you take your exam within two months of completing a practice exam from Exam Edge. If you fail the exam, this platform will allow you to retake the exam up to 10 more times.

3. Get Unlimited Test Access:

You get unlimited access to the exams and assessments without paying any extra money.

4. Certificate Completion:

Upon successful completion of your exam, you will receive a completion certificate. Though these are not fully accredited, you still use them to showcase your resume. 

5. Fully BBB Accredited:

This platform is completely accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which has satisfied customers who have successfully cleared their certification exams with the test preparation resources.

How is Exam Edge different?

Although multiple programs and websites claim to be the best at helping students prepare for exams, Exam Edge approaches its users differently, which is excellent.

From offering certification exams in different industries to scheduling timed practice tests to provide unlimited revisions, Exam Edge has stepped ahead in bettering your preparations.

How ExamEdge is different

Since the exams in Exam Edge are only practice exams, they are not constrained to a single pattern and are offered in multiple types. For example, even if you are searching for a different kind of exam in the same subject, Exam Edge has still got you covered with a relevant practice exam.

An incredible feature that makes Exam Edge one of the best online exam preparation platforms is that apart from writing the exams, it will explain what went wrong in the exams.

After countless hours of preparation, and if you are still getting wrong answers in your exams, then Exam Edge can come in handy for you and will help in big-time by indicating your weaknesses while also highlighting your strengths to keep up your exam game strong.

A convenient and 24/7 accessible platform to help you prepare for all your exams is all you need when you struggle to find time to prepare for an exam that is almost nearly perfect. To add to it, Exam Edge can be used in any device you want, which is also flexible and accessible.

Each exam that you take in Exam Edge will result in a detailed and well-formatted explanation of how you can improve efficiently so that you can excel on the actual exam.

A unique thing about Exam Edge is that they also encourage their users by providing completion certificates. Though the testing agencies do not recognize the credentials offered by Exam Edge in  Exam Edge, it can be shown as a small accomplishment to friends and family.

Most of the things that I have listed above are barely present in other competitors. Hence, Exam Edge can easily be recommended as a “go-to” platform to prepare ahead for exams.

What are the kinds of exams in Exam Edge?

Are you a hobbyist, a student, an employee, or even an unemployed person struggling to prepare for the most demanding exams? Don’t worry. Exam Edge provides practice exams in various fields and industries, which can help to ease the preparation process for the desired exam.

Practice Exams Of ExamEdge

If you are wondering what type of industries are included in Exam Edge, here is an exclusive list of all the industries that Exam Edge covers:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Government
  • High school
  • Healthcare
  • Teaching
  • Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness

Any exams that you are looking for somehow fall in the above-listed category. Hence, there is no chance of Exam Edge missing out on the exam that you are trying to prepare better. 

Note that in the medicinal spectrum itself, Exam Edge covers extended medicinal fields like veterinary, pharmacy technician, nursing, optometry, and radiology. The options are limitless.

Let me quickly give an overview of some of the most recommended industries prepared with Exam Edge. They are:

1. Healthcare

It is evident that most healthcare-related exams are complex and require a lot of time and effort to prepare to ace the exams. There are 47 unique exam types in the healthcare industry listed in Exam Edge. Even if you are preparing for exams offered by The National HealthCareer Association or HESI, you can make the best use of Exam Edge and get prior experience with it.

2. Teaching 

Although anyone can be a teacher in life, a person needs to write and prove their intelligence in a standardized exam on teaching principles and educational concepts. Only by taking the teaching exams are you considered a qualified teacher by law. In Exam Edge, there are 31 different exam types in teaching. Hence, to quickly clear out such certification exams in education, use Exam Edge for complete preparation.

3. Nursing

After years of studying nursing, a person can become a professional nurse only by writing the final nursing exams officially offered by AANP, ANCC, and other nursing exam institutions. You need not worry about the complexities of the exam since related medical exams are challenging in general because Exam Edge has several nursing exams to prepare and practice. You can write the exams covered in Exam Edge so that you get the hang of how an actual nursing exam is.

4. High school

Apart from everybody else, students deal with many tests regularly, so ensuring that you are a step ahead of your peers by practicing tough exams in Exam Edge can guarantee to get good grades so that you are ranked top academically. You can also group with your friends and take the exams in Exam Edge, which will help you and your friends learn and grow together. There are 15 unique exam types for high school in Exam Edge.

5. International

Great news for international students or anyone seeking help in writing international exams outside their country can easily find practical practice exams in Exam Edge to fully prepare. For international exams that you have no idea about, Exam Edge provides helpful resources that can be accessed to get accurate results with informative content on how to scale up your preparation. 

There are 17 international exam types in Exam Edge, including exams like the Canadian Healthcare Field, Dubai Health Authority, American Armed Forces, or IIM CAT in India.

Likewise, there are lots of exams in different industries in Exam Edge, which can be prepared way before the due date of the desired exam. Even if you are confused about how to start preparation, simply write an exam for the chosen subject in an industry, and Exam Edge will deliver everything that you need to kickstart your preparation journey and clear those exams.

Who is Best Suited for Exam Edge?

Exam Edge is an open platform for anyone to hop in and prepare for their competitive exams. The platform is so versatile in a way that it is made available for students, workers, or people in business who are writing compelling exams to shift their careers. 

Why Should Choose ExamEdge

In simple words, Exam Edge is a place where you can write exams, make mistakes, and learn from those errors made in those written exams quickly. Even Exam Edge is recommended to:

  • People who are battling with test anxiety
  • Finding trouble how to prepare for an exam
  • Trying to learn a studying strategy with mistakes
  • Students who are falling back on regular tests conducted in schools

Basically, any person seeking help to prepare better to ace an exam can use Exam Edge.

How much does Exam Edge cost? (Pricing plans)

Exam Edge does not follow any standard pattern or a subscription-based module since there are a lot of exams in different fields and industries. Hence, Exam Edge has clubbed pricing in different ways. 

For example, if you are searching for a DHA Physiotherapy Technician, you can buy 

DHA Physiotherapy Technician Pricing
  • 1 practice test for $22.95 
  • 5 practice tests for $56.75 
  • 10 practice tests for $96.50
  • 15 practice tests for $131.25

Along with access to the practice tests offered by Exam Edge, you also get detailed explanations of your answers, which will be helpful in improving your preparations.

Additionally, you get the option of choosing timed tests, no time limit, and explanations with Exam Edge-covered practice exams. Even the level of difficulty can be customized easily. 

The example shown above with the DHA Physiotherapy Technician exam is how the pricing structure in Exam Edge works. Pricing can start at $22 for 1 basic practice test and go up to over $130 for 15 effective practice tests. Likewise, every exam in Exam Edge follows similar pricing.

NOTE: There is a 100% pass guarantee in Exam Edge, so you can give it a try at least once.

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Conclusion: Exam Edge Review (2024)

After reviewing this platform, I would say it is an excellent resource for anyone looking to enhance their test-taking abilities. 

It stands out from the rest because of its personalized feedback feature. It helps you pinpoint your weak areas. It also provides tailored recommendations on how to improve your test-taking skills.

It is a perfect option for both students and professionals as it provides a wide range of study materials, including realistic practice exams.

If you are preparing for an entrance exam or simply want to excel in taking tests, I highly recommend trying Exam Edge. It’s a game-changer!

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.


What is Exam Edge?

Exam Edge is an online website exclusively designed for students, which will transform the way a student typically prepares for an exam, especially competitive exams.

Is it effective to use Exam Edge?

Exam Edge is beneficial because you get to know the exam format, develop time management skills, and get recommended solutions to improve.

Why should I take Exam Edge?

You should consider Exam Edge to reduce exam anxiety, gain helpful explanations, get familiar with the exam pattern, and fully understand the exam format easily.

What are the benefits of Exam Edge?

Exam Edge provides various benefits like building time management skills, less test anxiety, a 100% pass guarantee, and numerous exams to practice and prepare better.

How many times can I take one exam?

Exam Edge allows you to take one exam up to four times. This will allow you to become perfect in a certain exam, and it will help you pass the real exam.

Can I leave my exam in the middle and pick up where I left off later on?

Yes, you can leave your exam in the middle on Exam Edge, and your progress will be saved. You can access your progress and carry on from there. Although it will be best if you give the exam in one go.

What will happen once I complete an exam on Exam Edge?

Once you complete an exam on Exam Edge, you will be redirected to the review page. On the review page, you will see a detailed explanation of all the questions of the exam. You will also get a score on how you’ve performed in the exam.

What is the 100% pass guarantee on Exam Edge?

The 100% pass guarantee is not a refund policy. If you’ve taken the real exam within 2 months of completing practice exams on Exam Edge, then you are eligible for a 100% pass guarantee. If you by any chance don’t pass the real exam, then you will have to provide proof of failure to Exam Edge, and then they will give you access to the practice exams. You will be able to take the exam up to 10 times now.

Can I download the practice exam of Exam Edge?

No, you can not download the practice exams on Exam Edge. You can access the practice exams of Exam Edge on any device which is connected to the internet.

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