AlgoExpert Review 2024: My Honest Experience

Job interviews might feel somewhat intimidating when the competition is as intense as it is in the disciplines of software engineering and coding. This is where my AlgoExpert Review will help you.

AlgoExpert is solely dedicated to helping software engineers be ready for technical job interviews. 

Test questions and hours of study material are currently available on the site, which you’ll explore below.

I have also examined what can be expected from the platform in this AlgoExpert review, including its benefits, Pros, Cons, cost, and any other information you could find useful. 

On that note, let’s get into the details right away!

AlgoExpert: Pros & Cons

Every learning platform has its own boon and bane. Likewise, AlgoExpert has certain pros and cons. Let’s weigh them below.

AlgoExpert Pros

  • Accessibility in all programming languages.
  • A well-curated list of interview questions.
  • A code station is available for practice.
  • Availability of mock coding interviews.
  • Provision of certification on completion.

AlgoExpert Cons

  • Not beginner-friendly.
  • Only designed for coding interviews.

Who is best suited for AlgoExpert?

As I was making the best use of AlgoExpert, I realized that AlgoExpert might not be suited for everyone and was prepared to keep a particular set of people in mind.

In my suggestion, I would recommend AlgoExpert to:

  • Anyone who is struggling to prepare for a coding interview.
  • Students who would like to get the experience of a mock coding interview.
  • Candidates who want to know the questions asked in a coding interview.

It is evident that AlgoExpert is curated for people preparing for coding interviews in different programming languages. Hence, AlgoExpert has done everything it could to prepare you for the interview and ace it brilliantly.

What is AlgoExpert?

AlgoExpert is a one-stop destination to prepare for your coding interview. 

The learning platform has well-curated coding interview questions so that you do not have to worry about preparing. 

AlgoExpert Review

In fact, all the questions are handpicked in AlgoExpert.

The best part about AlgoExpert is that it breaks down the complexity of understanding various algorithms from 400-paged books and journals.

AlgoExpert uses video-formatted lessons with 1080 quality so that you have the smoothest experience of learning and preparing at the same time, which is great.

What’s more? AlgoExpert speaks 9 different programming languages, which means even if you do not know or have learned a language, AlgoExpert got you covered.

The programming languages in AlgoExpert include JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Swift, Kotlin, C++, Java, C#, and GO. You are most likely to find your language easily.

How Does AlgoExpert Course Work?

The AlgoExpert courses are pretty easy to learn and take up. These courses seek to increase your theoretical and practical knowledge of algorithms through the use of visuals.

While AlgoExpert’s courses lay a solid foundation for advanced preparation, the practice questions simulate a real-world interview, complete with a timeframe and a few hints as you solve the question. 

As you begin, you’ll find many 5- to 30-minute crash courses in programming, machine learning, blockchain, frontend development, and large-scale distributed systems to provide you with an overview of the fundamentals of each concept.

These concepts, however, are not comprehensive, as they lack dynamic programming and related advanced topics that are likely to be covered in the interview. 

These crash courses refresh your previous knowledge before you move on to answering questions practically, and they are available from AlgoExpert’s website. 

For practice, you get 195 practice questions related to graphs, trees, linked lists, strings, etc, in nine different programming languages, including Java, Python, C++, etc. 

When you select any of these questions, a prompt displays on your screen. You can solve it and run a test using the AlgoExpert website and receive a video explanation for the question to make the concept crystal clear.

You are also given a space and time complexity analysis to compare with your own and determine whether yours is optimal. 

In the end, you get a certificate of completion. Still, the platform sets a goal for you to finish a specified amount of questions to unlock its certifications, keeping you motivated throughout your preparation for your big day.

What did I like about AlgoExpert?

Unlike other learning platforms, AlgoExpert literally prepared with detailed explanations and compelling visuals. I liked a lot of things about AlgoExpert. They are:

Handpicked questions

I thought there were going to be random questions displayed, but I was wrong. All the questions were handpicked, which was helpful. Additionally, the questions were very similar to what the interviewer might ask in an interview; hence, they were practical. 

Different programming language

I have to say that the availability of multiple programming languages is one of the best things in AlgoExpert. I mean, even if you find tools on the internet, it does not offer certain programming languages with which you are familiar. 

If you do not know JavaScript, you have eight other incredible programming languages in AlgoExpert with which you can practice and prepare for the interview.

Code-execution experiment

Even if you are preparing for a maths exam, you would not simply read out the answers and write the exam but practice the sums on a rough note. 

Likewise, for coding interviews, it is essential to have practical testing. That’s when the code execution environment in AlgoExpert comes to play. Like, I was able to literally practice my coding capability better and learn from the errors quickly.

Real-like coding interviews

Usually, it is quite rare to find mock interviews to attend for yourself. This was something I found in AlgoExpert, which helped me well for the actual interview.

Like, the mock interviews in AlgoExpert are scheduled with real persons so that you literally experience how an actual coding interview works. I am pretty sure this will help you understand how the interview goes and prepare you well.

What I think could be improved in AlgoExpert?

Although I was able to benefit a lot from AlgoExpert, there was something I wondered if was made possible in AlgoExpert.

Only for coding interviews

Even if AlgoExpert is destined to prepare you for coding interviews, it could have included benefits for users looking for general interview preparation. I mean, interviews that are outside the coding and programming spectrum. 

That is something I wish AlgoExpert could work on and include in the future. 

Only Visual Learning Materials Available

Many people believe that AlgoExpert is not worth the money it is asking for because there is not a lot of content to work with. Also, all the learning material is in videos, so if you’re not really fond of visual learning, you won’t like it. I

hope they also introduce other types of learning materials, such as PDF files that can be downloaded. It will help learners in learning whenever they want without spending too much time on the videos.

AlgoExpert Doesn’t Offer Any Refund

There is no way to know for sure what type of questions you will be getting in the subscriptions because it doesn’t offer any free trial or a free version. But they do offer you to try a few questions before purchasing the subscription.

Once you purchase the subscription and don’t like it, there is no way to get your money back because it doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. I hope they work on that and at least offer a money-back guarantee on their subscriptions.

What is the pricing of AlgoExpert in 2024?

You have learned everything about AlgoExpert so far. Now, let’s dive into the pricing section of AlgoExpert. Is it affordable? Expensive? Let me explain it quickly.

AlgoExpert Pricing Options

There are multiple pricing and plans available at AlgoExpert, as shown here.

  • AlgoExpert: $49
  • Tech Interview Bundle: $78
  • SystemExpert: $49
  • FrontendExpert: $49
  • Frontend Interview Bundle: $78
  • Fullstack Interview Bundle: $109
  • ML Expert: $49
  • ML Interview Bundle: $109
  • BlockchainExpert: $49

The expert courses are all the same price and include everything like interview questions, glossaries, certificates, crash courses, quizzes, and much more. 

However, they focus on different concepts. Such as, AlgoExpert focuses on codes, whereas SystemExpert and frontend experts concentrate on system design and front-end related materials, respectively. 

The ML and blockchain specialists will supply you with machine learning and blockchain resources. Furthermore, the package plans are ideal if you want to enroll in 2-3 expert courses at the same time. 

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AlgoExpert Alternatives

Before getting into the brief overview of the AlgoExpert alternatives, here is a quick tabular comparison of AlgoExpert with its niche-specific alternatives such as  CodeSignal, Codility, and CodinGame.

Let’s have a look!

Platform SupportedSaaS/WebSaaS/WebSaaS/WebSaaS/Web
Who is it for?Anyone looking for a resource to prepare for programming interviewsCompanies are looking to hire software engineers to add team members and software engineers wanting to improve their skills.Companies that are interested in improving their technical hiring process.Human Resources, Tech officers, Programmers, VP engineers,  CTO, and anyone hiring developers and programmers.
Customer SupportOnline supportOnline support in Business Hours24/7 Online Live supportOnline in Business Hours
TrainingVideo Lessons.Video Lessons, Webinars, Live Online.Video Lessons, Webinars, Live Online, In-person.Video Lessons, Live Online, In-person.
Link to VisitHereHereHereHere
Free TrialNoNoYesYes
Overall Rating4.8/54.9/54.8/54.9/5

1. CodeSignal

CodSignal helps you to shape the future in addition to evaluating and developing skills. CodeSignal offers AI-powered learning tools and skills evaluations to help you reach your learning objectives, no matter where you are in your skills journey. 

CodeSignal’s cutting-edge knowledge, accuracy driven by AI, and flexible experiences enable today’s potential to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Key Features –

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Activity Tracking
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Assessment Management
  • Automatic Grading
  • Candidate Comparison
  • Candidate Management

Rating – 4.9/5

Click here to check out CodeSignal

2. Codility

Codility saves engineers and recruiters time by simplifying the process of making excellent hiring selections. By evaluating candidates equally on the basis of the technical talents that matter, engineering leaders can create diverse, high-performing teams that drive growth.

Key Features –

  • Assessment Management.
  • Automatic Grading.
  • Self-service Portal.
  • Interview Management.
  • Customizable Tests.
  • Candidate Management.
  • Aptitude Testing.
  • Individualized Assessments.

Rating – 4.8/5

Click here to check out Codility

3. CodinGame

An online technical screening tool called CodinGame by CoderPad gives recruiters, tech leaders, and programmers the confidence to assess and narrow down their candidate pool swiftly. 

It enables you to hire more quickly, cut hiring costs, eliminate bias, and remotely validate tech abilities. Anyone, regardless of technological proficiency, may easily design a code test with a few clicks because of its simplicity of use.

Key Features –

  • Gamified assessments
  • Insightful results analysis
  • Cheating prevention
  • Question quality
  • Collaborative IDE
  • Languages and Frameworks
  • Interviewer tools
  • Digital Whiteboard

Rating – 4.9/5

Click here to check out CodinGame

AlgoExpert User Testmonials

To give you some insights from Algoexpert users around the globe, here are some user reviews from public discussion forums where you can get honest reviews:

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Summing Up AlgoExpert Review (2024): Is It Legit?

Since we are at the end of my AlgoExpert Review, I hope you have an in-depth understanding of all the aspects of AlgoExpert.

For those who still wonder if AlgoExpert is worth it? Per my analysis, it’s worth it if you’re looking for a way to practice with mock interviews in Programming. 

The platform actually works in a specific niche; hence, not everyone from other niches is aware of it like other online learning platforms. However, the platform has good quality content to offer. 

Furthermore, note that AlgoExpert is not for those wanting to learn how to code because its content is made for intermediate-level programmers. Hence, if you’re a beginner, you may want to start with MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platforms like CodeSignal or Udemy. 

So, the bottom line is that AlgoExpert is a fantastic tool. Programmers willing to improve their skills and land a dream job can bet on AlgoExpert for a good learning experience. 


Can beginners use AlgoExpert?

Unfortunately, AlgoExpert is not an ideal platform for beginners. Specifically, it’s not an ideal platform for those who are just about to start their journey as a coder. The learning content in AlgoExpert is made for learners who have already been into programming for a while.

Can I use AlgoExpert for free?

AlgoExpert is an entirely paid platform, as it has exclusive features that help software engineers practice with technical interview questions. 

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