AlgoExpert Review: Worth The HYPE (TRUTH)

My friend got placed for a job opportunity at Microsoft, which was exciting news. 

Unfortunately, there was sad news that came along with it. He did not know how to prepare for his coding interview and I had no idea because I am an Arts student.

Hence, I quickly surfed the internet to find answers. That’s when I came across AlgoExpert which claimed to help with any coding interview easily.

I told my friend about it. He was not fully convinced but still tried their free code-run test on their website and thought he should probably take it. The rest is history.

He is now working as a web developer at Microsoft. In this AlgoExpert Review, you get to learn everything about AlgoExpert, my friend’s experience with AlgoExpert, the pricing, etc.

In the end, I also share the verdict – “Is AlgoExpert worth it?”

What is AlgoExpert?

AlgoExpert is a one-stop destination to prepare for your coding interview. 

The learning platform has well-curated coding interview questions so that you do not have to worry about preparing. 

AlgoExpert Review

In fact, all the questions are handpicked in AlgoExpert.

The best part about AlgoExpert is that it breaks down the complexity of understanding various algorithms from 400-paged books and journals.

AlgoExpert uses video-formatted lessons with 1080 quality so that you have the smoothest experience of learning and preparing at the same time, which is great.

What’s more? AlgoExpert speaks 9 different programming languages, which means even if you do not know or have learned a language, AlgoExpert got you covered.

The programming languages in AlgoExpert include JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Swift, Kotlin, C++, Java, C#, and GO. You are most likely to find your language easily.

AlgoExpert: How does it work?

The working of AlgoExpert is very simple and straightforward. Let me explain quickly.

The platform has developed its website to avoid confusion about how or where to start with your AlgoExpert coding preparation journey. Like, you can even take practice tests on the AlgoExpert website through coding.

AlgoExpert provides 160 questions that help understand the structure of the coding interview with hands-on experience using the questions.

How AlgoExpert Works

It is impossible to learn algorithms simply by flipping pages in a book; hence AlgoExpert explains each question using compelling visuals. You get to learn the complicated subject and comprehend the learning better. 

The best part of the working of AlgoExpert is that even the solutions are answered in nine significant programming languages, which are easier for many users.

After understanding and analyzing the questions, you literally get to test run your answers through your chosen programming language via the AlgoExpert website.

You will receive the answers instantly, which means you can test run and practice as many times as you want. A fun fact is that the code execution assessment is free.

To get real experience of a coding interview, AlgoExpert also curated 4 significant assessments which users can take to get a gist of how a coding interview works.

For every learning and practicing that you do in AlgoExpert, you are rigorously preparing yourself for the big day, coding interview, but guess what? 

AlgoExpert is ready to acknowledge your hustle and reward you for all the hard work you did and is doing, which means you get a certificate of completion, which is great.

What did I like about AlgoExpert?

Unlike other learning platforms, AlgoExpert literally prepared with detailed explanations and compelling visuals. I liked a lot of things about AlgoExpert. They are:

Handpicked questions

I thought there were going to be random questions displayed, but I was wrong. All the questions were handpicked, which was helpful. Additionally, the questions were very similar to what the interviewer might ask in an interview; hence, they were practical. 

Different programming language

I have to say that the availability of multiple programming languages is one of the best things in AlgoExpert. I mean, even though if you find tools on the internet, it does not offer certain programming languages with which you are familiar. 

Like, if you do not know JavaScript, you have eight other incredible programming languages in AlgoExpert with which you can practice and prepare for the interview.

Code-execution experiment

Even if you are preparing for a maths exam, you would not simply read out the answers and write the exam but practice the sums on a rough note. 

Likewise, for coding interviews, it is essential to have practical testing. That’s when the code execution environment in AlgoExpert comes to play. Like, I was able to literally practice my coding capability better and learn from the errors quickly.

Real-like coding interviews

Usually, it is quite rare to find mock interviews to attend for yourself. This was something I found in AlgoExpert, which helped me well for the actual interview.

Like, the mock interviews in AlgoExpert are scheduled with real persons so that you literally experience how an actual coding interview works. I am pretty sure this will help you understand how the interview goes and prepare you well.

What I think could be improved in AlgoExpert?

Although I was able to benefit a lot from AlgoExpert, there was something I wondered if was made possible in AlgoExpert.

Only for coding interviews

Even if AlgoExpert is destined to prepare you for coding interviews, it could have included benefits for users looking for general interview preparation. I mean, interviews that are outside the coding and programming spectrum. 

That is something I wish AlgoExpert could work on and include in the future. 

Who is best suited for AlgoExpert?

As I was making the best use of AlgoExpert, I realized that AlgoExpert may not be suited for everyone and was prepared to keep a particular set of people in mind.

AlgoExpert Walkthrough

In my suggestion, I would recommend AlgoExpert to:

  • Anyone who is struggling to prepare for a coding interview.
  • Students who would like to get the experience of a mock coding interview.
  • Candidates who want to know the questions asked in a coding interview.

It is evident that AlgoExpert is curated for people preparing for coding interviews in different programming languages. Hence, AlgoExpert has made sure to do everything they could do in preparing you for the interview and ace it brilliantly.

AlgoExpert: Pros & Cons

Every learning platform has its own boon and bane. Likewise, AlgoExpert has certain pros and cons. They are:

AlgoExpert Pros

  • Accessibility in all programming languages.
  • A well-curated list of interview questions.
  • A code station is available for practice.
  • Availability of mock coding interviews.
  • Provision of certification on completion.

AlgoExpert Cons

  • Not beginner-friendly.
  • Only designed for coding interviews.

What is the pricing of AlgoExpert?

You have learned everything about AlgoExpert so far. Now, let’s dive into the pricing section of AlgoExpert. Is it affordable? Expensive? Let me explain it quickly.

AlgoExpert Pricing

AlgoExpert has categorized its pricing into three different modules for three different uses. They are:

  • AlgoExpert – $49/- (one year access)
  • SystemsExpert – $49/- (one year access)
  • MLExpert – $49/- (one year access)

Yes. All three modules have the same pricing in AlgoExpert, but the uses and benefits vary from one pricing module to another. Only AlgoExpert helps in coding.

The other two that is, SystemsExpert and MLExpert, are used for two different purposes. SystemsExpert is used to learn system design, system interviews, and everything related to design, and MLExpert is taken to understand machine learning.

I mean, MLExperts solely focuses on machine learning coding interviews, quizzes on machine learning, exclusive courses on machine learning, and many more.

Apart from everything else, the benefits are all the same, though all the modules are prepared for different uses, interviews, and questions. In AlgoExpert, all three plans offer courses in the chosen subject, video series, glossary files, certifications, etc.

NOTE: You get an exclusive discount of 25% if you purchase two or more products.

Final Verdict – “Is AlgoExpert worth it?”

After making use of all the brilliant features in AlgoExpert, I might have the answer to this question. That is, yes, AlgoExpert is worth it. Hear me out.

AlgoExpert is the only platform (at the time of this writing) that has all nine incredible programming platforms, a code station to practice, and free test assessments.

AlgoExpert Languages

Like, there are to the platform, which is usually absent in other competitors. AlgoExpert has really stepped up the game in learning and preparing to code.

Even the interface has aesthetic visuals and easy-to-navigate tools which makes it more accessible. Additionally, you are also provided with a certificate on completion.

The best part about considering AlgoExpert is that you get to experience mock interviews with real interviewers so that you would know how coding interview works.

Also, get hands-on experience with their 160 handpicked coding questions. What are you waiting for? Take AlgoExpert and ace that coding interview right away!

Remember. You are given 25% off if you buy two or more products in AlgoExpert.


How much does AlgoExpert cost?

AlgoExpert comes with an annual subscription at $49/- per year.

What is AlgoExpert?

AlgoExpert is a one-stop destination to prepare for your coding interviews.

Is AlgoExpert free?

Unfortunately, AlgoExpert is not free but you can run code tests for free on their official AlgoExpert website.

Who can take AlgoExpert?

Anyone who is struggling to prepare for coding interviews in general.

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