Coursera vs LinkedIn Learning: Which One Is Better In 2023?

Are you still searching which one is best between Coursera vs LinkedIn learning?

I know you have been reading article after article. Watching several videos but did not get a satisfactory answer.

I know your situation because I was one of you a few months ago. To get a clear idea, I enrolled myself in both e-learning platforms.

And I am here to solve this problem of yours and answer all your questions. That will help you to have clarity about these online learning platforms

I will discuss everything in detail about Coursera and Linkedin learning, including fee structure, certification, features, and study environment.

In the end, I will give my judgment- “Coursera vs Linkedin learning” which one is better.

Coursera vs LinkedIn Learning: Key Differences

Here are the key differences between Coursera and LinkedIn Learning.

  • More than 2500 free courses are available on Coursera, whereas Linkedin Learning only offers eight free learning paths.
  • LinkedIn Learning offers a 30-day free trial where you can access all of its courses. Coursera only offers a 7-day free trial on its Coursera Plus subscription.
  • The pricing of Linkedin Learning’s subscription is cheaper compared to Coursera Plus’ subscription. LinkedIn Learning also offers single courses as low as $35, whereas the price of a single course on Coursera is $49.
  • All LinkedIn Learning courses specialize in teaching personal development and in-demand skills. All the Coursera courses are from prestigious universities and companies, and you get credible certificates after completing the courses.
  • Coursera has certified instructors who teach at universities, whereas the instructors of LinkedIn Learning are its own approved members who are considered industry experts.

Coursera vs Linkedin learning: Overview

First, I will discuss Coursera and LinkedIn learning by providing a piece of general information then we will compare both platforms using statistics. 

Then we will deep dive into more information like the study environment, fee structure, certificate, etc.

What is Coursera?

If you are interested in technology and programming, Coursera can be a good platform.

If you want to earn while studying, then Coursera can have your back. And for freshers also it is a very good opportunity to learn while earning.

The best part about this is you can learn at your convenience at your home. At the same time, you can get certificates from very reputed and prestigious universities. Check my detailed Coursera review here to know more about this platform.

Coursera vs LinkedIn learning - Coursera

Such as the University of Michigan, yale university, California institute of arts, and many more. Can you imagine you can get certificates from these reputed colleges that are also sitting at your home? Oh yes!

It is like a friend explaining a subject the way you understand, in the simplest way possible and without getting frustrated. 

What is Linkedin learning?

On the other hand, LinkedIn can be a better choice for those more interested in management and technology.

Linkedin learning helps you to get in-depth knowledge about your chosen course. It is like an honest tutor who will provide you with the knowledge you deserve. 

Linkedin provides more than 16,000+ online courses, enhancing your skills and making your resume look better. 

  LinkedIn Learning - Overview

Linkedin learning works on a subscription basis. Once subscribed, you will have access to all their courses and videos. 

Linkedin learning is like access to a library of courses where you can get more than one book course. 

That means it gives you the freedom to choose whatever course you like and at your convenient time. Linkedin learning also allows you to learn from your home.

Linkedin is an institute that doesn’t cost you a hefty sum but will deliver you the necessary skills. 

Coursera vs Linkedin learning: Statistics

With the help of statistics, you will get a vivid idea about both the online platform.

Coursera Linkedin learning
Registered students= 92 million (2021)Over 27 million users (2021)
They have four offices worldwide with 779 employeesThey have 33 offices worldwide with over 16,000 full-time employees
Revenue increases by 36% year on the year 2022. The platform has more than 100 million registered users.According to the Linkedin Corporate Communications 2021, the revenue increased by 25% for LinkedIn, compared to the previous year

Coursera vs Linkedin Learning: Similarities

Both Coursera and Linkedin learning will help you fill the gaps in your personal and professional knowledge. Both the platform have the same purpose, which is why they also have similarities, which will help you clear your doubts.

  • Both the platforms are online learning platforms
  • Well-known and well-educated instructors will train you.
  • These platforms allow you to learn from home, and it offers flexibility in time.
  • Coursera and LinkedIn learning collaborates with world-reputed universities.
  • And et the end of your course you will receive a certificate from these universities.

Coursera vs Linkedin Learning: Courses & Certification Offered

Coursera provides 7000+ courses. World-class courses guided by experts at 250+ reputed universities and companies.

Here are some popular courses by them-

  1. Data Science– 425 courses
  2. Social science- 401 courses
  3. Language learning– 150 courses
  4. Business– 1095 courses
  5. Personal development– 137 courses
  6. Information technology- 145 courses
  7. Computer Science– 668 courses
  8. Art and Humanities- 338 courses 
  9. Math and logic-70 courses

Coursera provides a certificate. After completing the course, n you can also get degrees from bachelor’s to master’s. 

This is the link to get all the detailed information about all the degrees. After clicking on this link, there will be an option to choose your preferred degree. And they will customize the course according to your level.

Coursera - Courses

Coursera provides you with different certificates, such as professional certificates, master track certificates, university certificates, and many more. 

Coursera- Professional Certificate

This link will take you to a page where you can explore certificates by category. 

Linkedin learning provides more than 16,000 courses. And mostly, the curator of those courses will guide all along.

Popular courses from Linkedin learning-

1. Ecommerce Fundamentals (2020)

2. Introduction to content marketing

3. Google anniversal Analytics Essential Training (2020)

4. UX Foundations: Research

5. Introduction to Data Science

6. Graphic Design Tips and Tricks

7. SQL Essential Training

8. Creating a communication Strategy

After your training, you can download the certificate from Linkedin learning. One good feature about this is that you can upload the certificate on your LinkedIn profile to enhance your account.

Lynda - Features

But there is a backdrop that the university does not authorize the certificate you get.

You can go through this link to check their courses and certification. 

When it is time to evaluate from personal experience, I would like to add that Coursera is better at providing certification. 

Where LinkedIn provides the best environment to enhance your skills. 

But in general, Coursera’s certificate will add more value to your profile.

Coursera vs Linkedin Learning: features and Study environment

Here we have explained the features & study environment of Coursera and LinkedIn Learning.

Coursera features

  •  Coursera provides unlimited access to over 90% of courses
  •  You can explore topics and skills
  •  It is lifelong learning where you can earn your degree certificate
  •  It provides Adobe-guided projects where you can work with Adobe software to get your expertise.
  • You can also personalize your schedule in your preferred course. 
  •  Also, you will be assigned projects with deadlines. And also, you will get analyze your time speed to finish the project.

Coursera study environment-

Coursera brings world-class Universities into your pocket. 

The post-COVID situation created a great barrier with the outer world. But Coursera is the key to those doors.

The remote learning process became even easier with Coursera. 

Innumerable students from all over the world getting enrolled in their preferred courses. And earning the best certificate from the best and reputed colleges without spending much money.

The video courses and projects will help you overcome the obstacles and gain confidence.

LinkedIn Learning Features

  • Professionals with noteworthy accomplishments deliver all of the courses.
  • You can start or stop streaming courses anytime. Your progress is saved automatically.
  • The software is automated to provide recommendations based on your profile.
  • You can also download courses for offline learning. 
  • You can also save data by switching to audio-only mode.
  • Support for multiple devices is also available. As a result, you can keep streaming a course while switching devices.

LinkedIn Learning Study Environment

The study environment of LinkedIn Learning is designed to motivate and increase the appetite for knowledge.

Intricate details and make sure you do not get distracted while learning. For instance, the platform automatically displays your progress by chapters so that you do not have to keep track. 

You are also provided with a course overview to be prepared. You shall also be provided with a transcript of the audio-visual lectures to ensure that you do not miss any content.

Gripping quizzes and exercises are preloaded so that you can test your learning and gain more confidence.

The platform also offers complete transparency, which means you have access to everything from information on your instructor to course statistics.

Coursera vs Linkedin learning: The Course fee

I believe this is the part for that you were waiting! Yes, that is the price.

The most important part we should know before we get ourselves enrolled.

Coursera Course fee-

Coursera gives you free access to their courses for seven days.

But you will not get a certificate during free courses.

After that, they will charge you for every course.

The price may differ according to the program you will choose.

Most courses cost around US$30- $100.

They added a new feature called Coursera plus. Through which you can subscribe for as many courses as you want. 

You can get access to this throughout the year, this is more affordable and flexible. Which will cost you around 57.39$/ month.  

You will be given a choice to claim a refund within two weeks.

During the free trial period, you can audit the individual courses, which will save you from wasting your money.

We have already done a detailed breakdown of Coursera cost here.

Linkedin Learning Course fee-

LinkedIn Learning offers one month free trial.

You can individually pay for courses. The price will vary based on courses. 

Approximately the price range will be between $20- $50 monthly.

But if you subscribe for a year, you will be able to save 33%

The annual cost is $239.88, which costs you $19.99/month.

LinkedIn Learning doesn’t provide you with a refund option.

So it is always a better option to make a decision during the free trial period.

Coursera vs LinkedIn Learning: Pros & Cons

Here are the benefits & drawbacks of using Coursera and LinkedIn Learning.

Coursera Pros

  • Coursera offers more than 7000 courses, so you can definitely find the course you’re looking for here.
  • Most of the courses offer a course completion certificate only if you complete all the assignments.
  • You can easily audit any course you want on Coursera.
  • The transcriptions of the courses are given in many languages.
  • Coursera also offers specialization and degree programs from prestigious universities.

Coursera Cons

  • To get the certificates on Coursera, you might have to pay a heft price, but they are definitely worth it.
  • You can not do assignments and quizzes from the mobile app.

LinkedIn Learning Pros

  • LinkedIn Learning offers a lot of variety of courses for you to choose from.
  • You will get a course completion certificate for every course you complete on LinkedIn Learning.
  • You can learn at your own pace on LinkedIn Learning means you don’t have to follow any deadlines here.
  • You can try any course with LinkedIn Learning’s 30-day free trial offer.
  • All the courses on LinkedIn Learning are available in more than seven languages.

LinkedIn Learning Cons

  • LinkedIn Learning covers a limited number of subjects when it comes to its course library.
  • The courses on LinkedIn Learning can be short.

Coursera vs Linkedin Learning: Best Suitability 

Here in this section, we have explained for whom Coursera and LinkedIn Learning are suitable.

Coursera is best suited for

1. Coursera is the platform that creates a study environment for everyone.

From students to workers.

2. Anyone who wants a certificate from reputed universities to enhance their profile

3. From 13 years of age group, people can use it 

4. It is best suitable for aspiring students

Linkedin Learning is best suited for

1. It is best suitable for graduate students who are searching for jobs

2. People who are already employed but want to grow skills in a particular area.

3. People who are more inclined towards technology

4. Anyone under the age of 16 is not suitable for LinkedIn learning

Coursera is best for overall growth, whereas Linkedin learning is best for skill development and tech lovers. 

Coursera vs Linkedin Learning: Future Challenges

It is acceptable if you are not satisfied with any of these platforms. In this era of competition, there are plenty of other online platforms for different groups of people.

While doing some research, I learned about other online platforms, which might be a good alternative option.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit education platform. It is best for students who cannot learn in the classroom. They can sign up for khan academy. Their instructional videos and practice exercise gives you a crystal clear idea about your chosen subject. It is completely free. It is famous for its quality education; its only mission is to provide the best education to anyone in any corner of this world.

Khan Academy


Udemy is a subscription-based online course website. Here you can curate your course and promote it. It offers a wide range of courses from basic to advanced levels. More than 35 million people use udemy. Organizations often recommend courses from Udemy to their employees to enhance their functionality.

Udemy Overview

Public Review

Coursera enables organizations to provide informative courses from top multinational conglomerates like Google and IBM. Subscribers who complete these courses get academic credit and certificates. 

It is a good option to explore different topics and acquire new skills.

LinkedIn Learning’s all courses are flexible, which means you have the freedom to learn wherever and whenever you want.

You can purchase individual courses or subscribe to a monthly or annual plan. Thus it proves to be a suitable learning platform for beginners and experts.

Time for Judgment: Which One is Best?

While no official information states a distinction between the two platforms, they are often preferred by distinct groups of users.

Coursera has proved to be more suitable for aspiring students. The courses offer in-depth but simplified learning of concepts and skills. Such an approach provides foundational learning based on which the students can garner their abilities and understanding.

Professionals, on the other hand, have always favored LinkedIn Learning. This is because the platform is more focused on assisting users in acquiring the better abilities required to do their jobs effectively. As a result, everyone from beginners to associates can enroll to improve or learn new abilities.

Now it is your call to select the one which suits you best.

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Conclusion: Coursera vs LinkedIn Learning (2023)

So there you go! This article will help you decide which platform out of these two suits you best. 

Details about their functioning, features, and subscription plans are mentioned so that you don’t have to jump from site to site.

Make sure to go through the whole article before deciding on the best online learning method for yourself. Thank you!


Do I have to connect with my LinkedIn profile?

It is not necessary to connect with the Linkedin profile. But it is always a better option to connect your learning profile with your Linkedin profile.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

Your membership will be renewed at the end of your free trial. During the trial period, you can cancel your plan at any time.

How many certificates can I earn with Coursera Plus?

With Coursera plus, you can get as many certificates as you want. But before that, you have to complete each course.

What can I do with my certificates once I’ve earned them?

You can attach your newly earned abilities to your CV., which will give weight to your resume and will help to create a good impression on recruiters.

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