How To Cancel Grammarly Subscription (Guide)

Grammarly is a powerful AI writing assistant to enhance your writing. However, its free features are limited, and the paid plan is rather expensive. 

You can cancel your Grammarly subscription if you bought Grammarly but now want to switch to a less expensive alternative. 

To do so, go to its subscription page, tap on cancel subscription at the bottom, and then click on continue.

If you are still confused, we have made a detailed step-by-step guide to show you how to cancel Grammarly subscriptions and free trials, and delete your account. 

Said that, let’s dig into the article and get answers to all of your Grammarly cancellation queries now!

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How To Cancel Grammarly Subscription On PC?

If you are using Grammarly on your PC or laptop, then this is how you can cancel your subscription on your device.

Step1. Sign in to your Grammarly account.

Step2. Select “Account” from the My Grammarly menu.

How To Cancel Grammarly - Select Account

Step3. Click on Subscription from the left panel.

How To Cancel Grammarly - Click On Subscription

Step4. At the bottom, select “Cancel Subscription.”

Step5. Click on “Yes, continue.”

Step6. Select a problem and proceed with “Yes, continue.

Step7. Select the reason for cancellation and finally click on “Cancel Subscription.”

How To Cancel Grammarly Subscription On Phone?

Canceling a Grammarly subscription on the phone is similar to canceling the subscription on the PC. You can follow these steps and do so.

Step1. Go to your Grammarly account page on your desired browser.

Step2. Login to your account and go to MyGrammarly.

Step3. Click on “Account” and select “Subscription.

Step4. Slide down and click on “Cancel Subscription.”

Step5. Click on “Yes Continue” and then click “Cancel Subscription.”

Step6. Click on “Cancel Subscription.”

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How To Get A Refund On Grammarly?

If you have decided to cancel your Grammarly free trial within the seven days trial period. Then congratulations, you will get your money back since Grammarly’s 7-day free trial for Grammarly Business is a non-obligation.

So you will automatically get a refund of $45 if you timely cancel your free trial. 

For the other premium subscriptions, there is no refund offered by Grammarly. So, in this case, you can only cancel your premium subscription before the due date and avoid renewal. 

However, there are some exceptional cases where you can request a refund by contacting the Grammarly support team after the renewal date is passed. 

For this, go to, and you will find a premium tag on the top right corner of the screen.

Here you can select the billing and subscription option and choose I’d like to request a refund and submit your refund request. 

Grammarly will provide you with a reply within 24 hours, so keep a check on your email’s spam folder.

If you have purchased Grammarly from the Apple store, you must contact Apple to request a refund by following these steps.

Step1. Sign up here and click on I’d like to.

Step2. Select “Request a refund.”

Step3. Choose the refund reason and tap on “Select.

Step4. Choose the required information, including app, subscription, etc., and tap “Submit.”

That’s it! Now you have to wait for the reply from Apple’s support team, and if your reason is found valid, then you will get a refund.

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How To Cancel Grammarly’s Free Trial?

If you are testing Grammarly business through its free trial. Make sure you cancel it before seven days by following these steps.

Step1. Go to Grammarly’s homepage.

Step2. On the left side menu, Click “Account” and “Select Subscription.”

Step3. At the bottom of the screen, click on “Cancel Subscription.”

That’s it! By canceling your Grammarly subscription, you will avoid automatic billing, and your Grammarly account will downgrade to the free version once the free trial gets over.

How To Delete Grammarly Account?

You can delete your Grammarly account by following these steps.

Step1. Visit Grammarly.

Step2. Click on “Account” from the left panel.

How To Cancel Grammarly - Click On Account

Step3. Select “Account settings.”

How To Cancel Grammarly - Account settings

Step4. Scroll down and click “Delete Account.”

How To Cancel Grammarly - Delete Account

Step5. Tab on “Yes, continue with the account deletion.”

How To Cancel Grammarly -Yes, continue with the account deletion

That’s all! Your account will be deleted now. However, this process will work for someone who signed up for Grammarly using Google. 

But if you have used your email to sign up, you must enter your Grammarly password to delete your account.

Things To Remember Before You Cancel Grammarly :

Before you cancel your Grammarly subscription, remember that you will not be given any refund until and unless you are a free trial user. 

Secondly, the subscription will not be removed immediately and stay active till the next billing cycle, and you will still have access to all the premium features of Grammarly. 

In case of any error in billing, you can directly contact the support representative instead of trying to fix the error by canceling the subscription. Otherwise, you might get into trouble. 

Lastly, one important thing to remember before canceling your subscription is to ensure you are logged into your premium account. 

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Wrapping Up!:

Grammarly is an excellent tool to ease your proofreading process; if you have its subscription, things become even easier. 

Apart from that, even if the payment is overdue, you can cancel the subscription and continue to use the premium features until the next payment. 

With that, we hope we were able to assist you in canceling Grammarly in different scenarios. Check out our website for more informative blogs, and leave your feedback in the comments.


Does Grammarly guarantee a refund?

Grammarly does not guarantee a refund until and unless you qualify their terms and conditions for a refund.

What will happen if I forget to cancel my Grammarly subscription?

If you forget to cancel your Grammarly subscription, you will be charged automatically by Grammarly, and your account will renew.

Why is Grammarly still charging me?

You must’ve canceled the wrong Grammarly subscription account, or you haven’t completed the cancelation process, which is why Grammarly still charges you.

Can I transfer my Grammarly subscription?

Yes, you can easily transfer your Grammarly subscription by going to your account email and changing it to a different one. 

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