Scrivener vs Ulysses: An Ultimate Comparison Of 2023

If you are a writer and need a good quality editor to write your drafts, you would have surely come across Scrivener and Ulysses. Both writing platforms are recommended by top writers and authors. Each of the platforms provides you with unique features and tools. 

Writers prefer a good editing tool that provides them with all the required functions and features in one place. Scrivener and Ulysses both differently make the writer’s work easy.

So which one should you use to create and edit your draft? That’s surely not an easy question to answer. Don’t worry. We have made the work easier for you. 

In the following article, I have stated the overview of all the platforms. Besides, I have compared all the features, pricing, and other functions offered by the editing platforms.

Scrivener vs Ulysses 2023: In A Nutshell

If you are in a hurry and don’t have sufficient time to take a look at the details of the platforms, you can go through the table below and choose the one that suits your needs the most. 

User InterfaceClean and like other word processorsSimple and modern
Exporting and PublishingMultiple features availableSimple process
Back up Can be done when the project is closedAutomatically backups the project when it is open
Device CompatibilityCompatible with Windows, macOS, iosCompatible only with macOS and ios.

Let us now take a detailed look at all the details of the platforms. I have listed a detailed comparison of Scrivener and Ulysses. I have made a point to list key features, pricing, user interface, writing environment, compatibility with various devices, etc. You can take a look at all the points and decide which platform is the most suitable for you. 

Scrivener vs Ulysses: Overview

Let us take a look at the basic overview of both platforms to understand what they are and what they provide. Once we get what Scrivener and Ulysses are about, we will get into detailed features of them.

Scrivener Overview:

Scrivener is an all-in-one solution for your writing. No matter in which genre you write, the Scrivener is sure to satisfy your writing needs. It is used by best-selling authors, fiction and non-fiction writers, Lawyers, students, translators, Journalists and everyone else that requires an editor. 

Scrivener vs Ulysses - Scrivener

Scrivener will provide the users with all the features and tools required to make their writings more impactful and better. You can research, edit, format, decorate, add images, and make your writings more creative using the Scrivener app. 

You can also analyze your writings and take a look at what progress you have made in the analysis section. The platform provides you with detailed statistics of your progress and the details of your draft. 

Ulysses Overview:

Ulysses comprises a powerful tool to help you write your drafts. It has a distraction-free interface that will help you to jot down the pieces of your drafts into clean writing. 

Ulysses is used by writers, bloggers, authors, etc., to convert their writing into a masterpiece. You can use it for formatting, in-text formatting, and adding images. 

Scrivener vs Ulysses - Ulysses

The app provides users with a great experience and makes it easy to edit drafts and format them. 

Scrivener vs Ulysses: Key features

Here are the key features of Scrivener and Ulysses. Before we get into a detailed comparison of the platforms, we will try to understand their features and stand-out points. 

Scrivener Key Features

The key features of Scrivener are as follows:

  • Available for desktop, computer, Mac OS and IOS. 
  • You can easily switch between your scripts and plots. 
  • Text editing is similar to that of a simple word processor. 
  • You can easily format your writings as per the format you wish to publish them. 
  • You can easily import any files or folder into the scrivener. 
  • You can easily plan your content, plots and scenes with the help of Corkboard, available in Scrivener. 
  • Provides you with readymade templates and icons. 
  • You can easily split screen and work on your drafts. 
  • The writings will be automatically saved and backed up. 

Ulysses Key Features

Here are the key features of Ulysses

  • You can easily gather all your scenes and drafts in one place. 
  • Available across Mac, iPad, and iPhone. 
  • Distraction-free interface helped to increase productivity and keeps the water from being distracted.
  • You will be able to manage large projects and format them. 
  •  It provides a built-in proofreader and an editing assistant. 
  • Can convert your writings into any desired format. 
  • You can add images to your drafts. 


The key features of both platforms are incredible. However, Scrivener gets an edge over Ulysses due to more features and freedom for the writers. The bonus point is that you can import any documents into Scrivener. 

Scrivener vs Ulysses: Pricing (2023)

The price is an essential parameter that the users consider when using a platform. The features and the platform’s price makes it the decision point for the users. Let us take a detailed look at the pricing plans of Scrivener and Ulysses.

Scrivener Price

Scrivener does not have a temporary plan. Instead, you can buy the license for a full version of the Scrivener. You can download the product once purchased. 

Scrivener - Pricing

Scrivener needs a one-time payment, and Congratulations, you are free to use Scrivener for a lifetime. 

Following are the purchase plans of Scrivener: 

The standard license for macOS$59.99
Educational License for macOS$50.99
Standard license for windows$59.99
Educational Licence for Windows$50.99
License for iOS$23.99
License for macOS and Windows$95.98

Ulysses Price

Ulysses does not have various plans and prices. You can get unlimited access to the writing App of Ulysses for 

Ulysses - Pricing
Annual Plan. $39.99
Monthly plan $5.99

Let us take a look at what features you get with the paid plans. 

  • You will be able to access Ulysses on all Macs, iPads and iPhones. 
  • You can easily synchronise your writing using iCloud. 
  • Various feature improvements, bug fixes, and feature additions are made in the paid version.
  • New releases are delivered automatically with the help of the App Store. 
  •  You can easily share your drafts or write through Apple Family Share. 
  • Students get the benefit of reduced pricing. 


There’s a clear answer to who wins in the pricing section. Scrivener provides a full licence and lifetime validity of the premium plan. 

If you choose Ulysses, you will have to pay annually to get upgraded to the premium version. 

Scrivener vs Ulysses: User Interface

The user interface is one of the important factors when you choose a platform to edit your drafts. You can see that their interface is relatively similar. There is a writing area where you can create and edit your draft, and on the left, there is a pane that gives you an overview of your entire draft. 

Let us take a detailed look at the user interfaces of Scrivener and Ulysses. 

Scrivener User Interface

Scrivener is more focused on the project that you are working on. You can access the file or menu to take other actions. You will need to use the menus and the toolbar to perform various actions and to use various features. 

Scrivener User Interface

You will find that the Scrivener editor focuses on the functionality of the editor. You can easily work on it as it is similar to other word processors. It is surely easy to use and understand for beginners. 

Ulysses User Interface

The user interface of Ulysses is clean and simple. You can easily navigate through all the menus and options. It stores everything in a well-structured format. You can take a look at accessing all the projects from your screen. 

Ulysses also provides the writers with a distracting-free environment to help them concentrate on their projects. The interface of Ulysses is more modern and minimalist. You can perform tasks with the help of gestures and markup language. 

Ulysses’s editor can be difficult to use for beginners. It may get messy for them to understand and work with the app. However, once you are familiar with the interface, it is surely a great deal. 


Here, it’s a tie. Both Scrivener and Ulysses are competent enough with their user interface. 

I personally liked the distraction-free interface of Ulysses. It is great to work with if you need to see everything in one place. 

Scrivener vs Ulysses: Exporting And Publishing

Once you have completed editing and drafting your content, the next step is to export and publish them. Both Scrivener and Ulysses provide you with various features for exporting and publishing. 

Let us take a look at the publishing and exporting features that are offered by both platforms. 

Scrivener Exporting And Publishing

Scrivener has powerful features to print and export your content or draft into various formats according to the selected layouts. There are various templates available to create your own masterpiece. 

Scrivener Publishing

You can also export the desired part of your writing into the required formats. You will have to work and learn to easily export the files from Scrivener as they are a bit difficult for beginners. However, they provide you with more flexibility. 

Ulysses Exporting And Publishing

Ulysses has easy-to-use options. There are various options available in Ulysses for sharing, exporting and publishing your document. You will also be able to save the HTML version of your content. 

Ulysses Publishing

You will be able to create a properly formatted ebook, PDF or ePub copy of the writings. There are a wide variety of styles and formats to choose from. 

The exporting function of the Ulysses app is easier and more straightforward as compared to the Scrivener. 


Here, it’s a tie. Exporting and publishing in Scrivener have more functions and features, whereas, in Ulysses, it is simpler and straightforward. 

Scrivener vs Ulysses: Backup & Sync

Back-Up and Synchronization of your draft with all your devices is an important task and function that every platform should offer. Backing up your data on your devices ensures that your data is not lost or deleted. Sometimes you may lose your drafts from the cloud. Having backed it up on your device will always be a saviour. 

Let us take a look at what facilities Scrivener and Ulysses provide you in backup and Synchronization. 

Scrivener Backup & Sync

Scrivener provides an automatic backup for your drafts. If you leave your work in the middle, it will be saved as a backup by default. 

Scrivener Backup

Moreover, you can also back up your drafts on your Windows or Mac from the settings menu. You will have to close the project to work with the backup feature.

Ulysses Backup & Sync

Ulysses tends to save your backups every 12 hours and seven days. It has an automatic backup option as well to save all of your work.  

You will find the backup in your Macs library. You will also be able to find the backup history of Ulysses in the version history. All your new edits are saved there. This function can be used to restore any deleted work and jump to the previous version. 


Here, the winner is Ulysses. The version history of Ulysses gives it a bonus point. I really liked the way you can back up your work while working even on your draft. 

Scrivener vs Ulysses: Device Compatibility

Device compatibility is a crucial factor when selecting the platform that is suitable for you. The best editors are usually available on all platforms, and you can synchronize your work across all of your devices when needed. Let us take a look at the compatibility of Scrivener and Ulysses on different platforms. 

Scrivener Device Compatibility

Scrivener is compatible with all devices. No matter if you have Windows, macOS, iPhone, and iPad, you will be able to use Scrivener devices easily. You will also be able to synchronize your drafts and your work across all of your devices. 

However, you will not be able to access your drafts on Androids. That means you can’t edit it even on your tablets. 

Ulysses Device Compatibility

Ulysses is compatible only with Apple devices. You can synchronize your files and do the editing of your drafts on devices that are Apple-based, like macOS, iPad, and ios. 

It is one of the downsides of the app that you cannot access it on Windows. Most Windows users are often disappointed by this as they cannot take benefit of the features available in the Ulysses app. 


Again, it is a win by the Scrivener. You can surely prefer Schriever if you own the Windows operating system. 

Ulysses not being available for Windows is surely a losing situation for the app, as most beginners and students cannot afford Apple products. Hence, they are sure to choose Scrivener over Ulysses. 

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Final Verdict: Scrivener vs Ulysses (2023)

That’s all about Scrivener vs Ulysses

Scrivener is a great option to consider if you are an author or a writer that usually writes longer drafts. However, it can be used by all writers to draft their articles, blogs or other writings. 

Ulysses is an appropriate choice if you are an Apple user and your drafts are short and simple. Ulysses is not able to edit and format extra-large drafts of big books. Also, the price of the Ulysses is not that affordable if you are a student or a beginner. 

I would personally choose Srievener over Ulysses, as it is cost-friendly and provides the users with more features and functions. 

I hope that the above Scrivener vs Ulysses article has helped you to pick the best platform that is suitable for your needs and suits your budget. Furthermore, you can take a free trial and find out which one is the best for you.

Which Platform do you think is the most suitable for you, and which one are you most likely to use? 

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