9 Free Coursera Courses 2023 (My Recommendations)

With the massive course catalog offered by Coursera, you can opt for several courses right, from software programming to personal development.  

If you are passionate about learning new skills but are short on budget, then no worries, we have got you covered. In order to democratize education, there are thousands of courses that Coursera offers for free. 

With the Coursera free courses, you can enrich your knowledge by exploring a diverse range of courses in distinct areas. 

To gain insight into some of the best Coursera free courses, read on further. 

Top 9 Coursera Free Courses: In A Nutshell (2024) 

Sr. No. Name Of Course Ratings
1The Science of Well-being 4.9
2Writing in the Sciences 4.9 
3Business Analytics with Excel: Elementary to Advanced4.8 
4Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects 4.8 
5Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand, and Behaviour 4.9 
6Private Equity and Venture Capital 4.8
7English for Career Development 4.8 
8Introduction to Medical Software 4.8
9The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs 4.5 

Coursera offers a broad array of courses that you can access for free. To get insight into some of the top Coursera courses, you can check out the overview provided below. 

1. The Science Of Well-Being 

Instructor Laurie Santos 
Level Mixed course 
Key learnings Meditation Gratitude Happiness SavoringPersonal Development 
Course duration 10 Week (Approximately 19 hours)

The Science of Well-being is the most exclusive course led by the top instructor Laurie Santos who has provided life-changing lessons such as misconceptions regarding happiness and active strategies that leads to happiness. 

Yale University offers the course, and you can access it with subtitles in French, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, German, Korean, Russian, and many more. 

Coursera Free Courses - The Science Of Well-Being 

It is a 10-week course that comprises several video lectures, practice exercises, and assignments. Around 16% of people got tangible career benefits with the help of this course.  

2. Writing In The Sciences 

Instructor Dr. Kristin Sainani 
Level Beginner 
Key learnings Science CommunicationMedical Writing Grammar Writing 
Course duration 8 Weeks (Approximately 30 hours)

Offered by Stanford University, Writing in Sciences is the best free online Coursera course that provides strategies on how to become an effective writer with the help of practice exercises and practical examples. 

The video lessons are offered along with subtitles in Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, etc. 

Writing In The Sciences 

You will get a complete insight into the format of scientific manuscripts, peer reviews, grant writing, principles of Good writing, and the ethical issues in scientific publication. 

3. Business Analytics With Excel: Elementary To Advanced

Instructor Joseph W. Cutrone 
Level Intermediate
Key learnings Business Analytics Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel Modeling Solver Construction projects 
Course duration 6 weeks (Approximately 22 hours)

With 24,077 learners already enrolled, Business Analytics with Excel is the best option if you want to explore the area of Excel and analytical frameworks. 

The course covers essential aspects related to Integer and Linear Optimization, Risk modeling, Linear programming, and data analysis. The first section of the course will provide you with the basics of Excel. 

Business Analytics With Excel

The course is structured in such a way that mainly focuses on the practical applications. You can access the video content with subtitles in several languages. 

4. Learning How To Learn: Powerful Mental Tools To Help You Master Tough Subjects 

Instructor Barbara Oakley And Dr. Terrence Sejnowski 
Level Beginner 
Key learnings Techniques to learnPomodoro techniqueMeta-learningTest Preparation 
Course duration 4 Week (Approximately 15 hours)

Deep teaching solutions have offered the Learning How to Learn, which is an extensive course that provides you with invaluable techniques used by experts in different fields. 

The course has also covered memory techniques, illusions of Learning, and counter-intuitive test-taking tips through engaging video lectures that you can access with subtitles in Tamil, Arabic, Serbian, Portuguese, and many more. 

Learning How To Learn

All the video lectures are interesting and engaging. The course also offers a reading section along with practice exercises. 

5. Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand, And Behaviour 

The University of London offers this brand management course, and it contrasts the traditional approaches to branding. You can access engaging guest videos led by top branding professionals. 

Brand Management

The 5-week course will help you learn everything right from the brand purpose and experience to brand metrics and returns. 

All the video lectures, practice material, and quizzes are top-notch. The course has helped more than 30% of people to start a new tangible career. 

Instructor Nader Tavassoli 
Level Beginner
Key learnings Building brandsBrand Marketing Corporate brandingBrand Management Brand identity 
Course duration 5 Weeks (Approximately 17 hours)

6. Private Equity And Venture Capital 

InstructorsStefano Caselli 
Level Beginner 
Key learnings Venture Capital FinancingPrivate Equity TaxationManagement of Private EquityCompany valuation 
Course duration 5 Weeks (Approximately 9 hours)

The Private Equity and Venture Capital course offered by Bocconi majorly deals with the analysis of venture capital business and private equity. 

Private Equity And Venture Capital 

Suppose you want to explore the areas of financial intermediaries and want to get a deep understanding of taxation and legal issues. In that case, this course is absolutely the perfect option for you. 

The last section of the course covers the final test, which is based on all the topics covered in the previous sections. 

7. English For Career Development

Instructor Brian McManus and Robyn Turner 
Level Mixed Course 
Key learnings English Language Career Development Writing Communication 
Course duration 5 Weeks (Approximately 40 hours)

This course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania and is specially designed for non-native English speakers to help them advance their careers in the global marketplace. 

It is a 40-hour course that is divided into five sections. The course content will provide you with a clear view of the job search, interview process, and applications.

English For Career Development

You will also learn some important tips and strategies to improve your language skills and vocabulary. 

8. Introduction To Medical Software 

Instructor Xenophon Papademetris 
Level Intermediate 
Key learnings Software Design Software testingMedical software Entrepreneurship 
Course duration 14 Weeks (Approximately 37 hours)

Offered by Yale University, this course is the most comprehensive one that will provide you with a complete understanding of the regulation of medical devices and software around the globe. 

You will also learn how the medical software is developed, designed, and implemented. The course is led by industry experts and Yale professors. 

Introduction To Medical Software 

The course has covered everything right from the introduction to medical software to software validation, deployment, maintenance, and retirement. 

The last section of the course involves the supplementary module that features examples regarding the issues that occur when software development goes wrong. 

9. The Arts And Science Of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs 

Instructor A. Ka Tat Tsang 
Level Beginner 
Key learnings AssertivenessPsychologyBuilding Relationships Communication
Course duration 6 Weeks (approximately 31 hours)

The University of Toronto offers the Arts and Science of Relationships and provides you with the basic concepts related to the strategies and skills learning development system, SSLD framework for relationship management. 

You will also access the basic practice principle illustrated by the relationship management case studies. 

The Arts And Science Of Relationships

The videos are top-notch and can be viewed along with subtitles in Chinese, Arabic, French, Vietnamese, Russian, German, Italian, English, and French. 

How To Access The Courses For Free On Coursera? 

If you want to access the courses for free on Coursera, you can opt for any of the several available options. 

But to access the paid courses without paying any dime, you can go for any one of the following options.

Free Trial

Coursera offers a free trial period of seven days. To get avail of the free trial period, you will have to add the subscription plan. This plan activates from the day your free trial ends. 

In order to access the free trial of the courses, you will have to enroll using the web browser. 

Course Audit

Besides the free trial option, if you want to access the course content for free, then you can opt for Audit the course option. By auditing the course, you can view the course content for free but won’t get any academic credits, such as course completion certificates. 

Financial Aid 

With the financial aid option, you will get the course content for free and the opportunity to earn certificates. 

You can opt for any course you want to take and select the “Financial aid available” option. After that, you will have to fill out the application, which takes 16 days to be reviewed. You will receive an email about whether your application is approved or not. 

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Choose the Right Coursera Free Courses

Being one of the leading platforms, Coursera offers the best content along with certificates that will absolutely help you to elevate your career. 

Whether you are a beginner or want to explore the courses for self-enrichment, you can always opt for the Coursera free courses. 

So upscale your knowledge with the Coursera free courses, and let us know which one you are opting for in the comments section below.

Happy Learning!


What do you get with the Coursera free courses?

The Coursera free courses provide the following benefits to the learners.
Flexible learning schedules.
High-quality video content from world-renowned instructors.
Reading content.
Practice quizzes.

Do the free Coursera courses offer certificates? 

Unfortunately no. You can access a few courses for free on Coursera, but they do not offer certificates on completion of the course. In order to earn the certificates you will have to opt for the paid courses. 

Why are a few courses on Coursera not offered for free?

A few courses on Coursera can’t be accessed for free, and the main reason is the cost of production. Creating the finest courses requires several resources, including time, expertise, and money. 

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