Udacity Nanodegree Cost 2024: Are They Worth Buying? 

Looking for Udacity Nanodegree at the best price? Want to make a successful career with the help of skills and not sure if Udacity is worth investing in? Well, you have landed just on the right page. This article consists of every bit of information you require on the pricing structure of Udacity. 

Being part of Silicon Valley, it provides courses by the industry experts themselves which, needless to say, is worthy enough. Nanodegrees in Udacity has been here since 2011. And this platform started on the basis of providing one course to everyone all around the world for free, and when the number of students enrolled grew bigger, the idea of introducing various Nanodegree programs came into the picture. Since then, this platform has only seen growth and provided opportunities for the same to its students.

Once you reach the end of this article, I’m sure you will have made up your mind by then about whether to invest your money and time in it or not. Let’s start with a brief introduction to pricing in  Nanodegree programs.

Udacity Nanodegree Cost 2024 – (Brief Overview) 

Udacity costs $399/month for a Nanodegree program on average. In the case of upfront payment, it varies according to the Nanodegree program chosen.

Mostly in Udacity, the bill is charged according to the time you take to finish your Nanodegree when we talk about monthly payments. The sooner you finish, the less you pay.

Udacity Nanodegree Cost  - Pricing

Normally, if we talk about the pricing in Udacity, the programs are quite expensive. But again, these are all led by experts of Silicon Valley as the partners of Udacity belong from these corporate sectors only. So it’s all worth it. 

Udacity Nanodegree for free

There are some countries in which 30-day free access is available for some Nanodegree programs. After a 30-day trial, your money will be credited on a monthly basis. In case it is your first time trying Udacity courses, do check out free courses

Countries that do not have free access to the Nanodegree are India, Brazil, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Nanodegrees Subscription Plans (2024)

The subscription plans available are on a monthly basis and on an upfront basis. If you purchase on an upfront basis, you get a good discount on The number of months you take to complete your program, accordingly, you are charged. Here, I have made a table below to show you how the monthly plans work:

DurationFee Charged (in USD)
2 Month Access$718
3 Month Access$1077
4 Month Access$1436
5 Month Access$1795
6 Month Access$2154

Benefits of Premium Plan Over Free Nanodegrees

Nanodegrees, first of all, aren’t available for free. Even if they are, in some countries, that is only for 30 days. After that, Udacity starts charging a fee on a monthly basis. 

Premium is anyways required if you want to learn something with dedication. Premium lets you go with your own speed as well and makes sure with such an expense, you keep in mind to complete the course timely.  

Premium has tons of benefits. Like exercises, student space, access to mentorship by the top guides, Projects on the same topic, and certificates that are of some value when it comes to corporations. 

How to Save Money on Nanodegree Programs?

How awesome it’d be to save money from such heavy yet WORTHY program prices of Udacity! Right?! I have listed below the three best and most adapted ways by users like me to save some bucks from Udacity programs.

  • Scholarship

Udacity offers various Scholarship programs. You just need to keep an eye out for different scholarship opportunities. Like in June, we have an offer for 3 scholarship programs:

  1. AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program
  2. High Tech Transition Pathway Scholarship
  3. Shell Train-to-Hire Scholarship Program
  • Discounts

Udacity offers many discounts throughout the year. All you need to take care of is which organization has received a discount coupon from Udacity. The discounts that are available right now are: Make sure you apply these discounts on checkout to avail of the offers.

  1. Currently, the Udacity Flash sale is going on which gives around 70% off promotion on multiple/bundle subscriptions. 

(Plus, if you do an upfront payment, you get a 15% discount on it, and an extra 70% off to get the lowest price on any program.


  Udacity Nanodegree Cost - Coupon


Or just click here.

  1. You can also opt for a personalized discount. The discount applies on a monthly-based Udacity subscription OR on an upfront bundle.
  1.  Udacity Sitewide Flash sale: Get 25% off on any Nanodegree program before it expires. 


  • Financial Support

Udacity also provides the opportunity to go for financial support in case very much in need. So to gain financial assistance you must pass the eligibility criteria for the same and then you can avail this offer. 

  • Time wise

Last but not least method is completing the course before the timeline or on time to save some extra bucks. In case, no scholarship, financial support, or discount is available at the moment.

Payment and Billing in Udacity

Payment methods available on Udacity are PayPal or credit cards. And the payment depends on your location. In some countries, you can’t even buy the courses.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Udacity offers refunds only for 2 days after the billing has been done/ purchase has been made. After that, there is not even the option of a partial refund available.

About the 2-day refund duration, you may cancel your subscription at any time before the next billing cycle begins. 

Is Paid Nanodegrees even Worth it? (Verdict in 2024)

As far as my personal opinion is concerned, Udacity Nanodegrees are worth it. These not just provide you with skill but also makes you ready for the career ahead with the practical implementation of those very skills. Udacity’s tie-ups with big corporate companies can land you your dream job very easily. All the programs are based on providing IT and business skills.

When I was shuffling from one website to another in search of good online courses that can land me a great job, I came across Udacity and its Nanodegree programs. And dare I say, I stopped my research there! No, I didn’t. I went to check the reviews of the users and even heard various interviews of the same users who got their dream job.

Totally worth investing! Click for the preparation of your dream job here.

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Are there any free Nanodegree programs available?

No. Although in some countries you may get the option of 30-day free access but not in all.

What to do if my subscription got canceled by mistake?

Go to the settings of the subscription tag and click on ‘Keep my enrollment’.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes! Udacity offers various kinds of discounts annually. To know which ones are available right now, go read the discount section of the article above.

What makes Udacity’s Nanodegrees so worth buying?

There are a number of things but the top ones are- Mentor is an expert in the industry, you get to do exercises and have student interactions, and the most important one is that it makes you ready for careers unlike other E-learning platforms as many corporate offers are brought forth to Udacity users

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