Udacity Black Friday 2024 — 70% Off On All Nanodegrees

Are you looking to get Udacity Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at a discount? Then you have come to the right place!

Technology has changed the world. You no longer need to enroll yourself in traditional university courses to learn something. Do you want to acquire a skill or learn something new without getting out of the house? Udacity is a platform that can help you do that. 

In today’s post, we are going to talk about Udacity’s exclusive Black Friday deals. We are also going to include a step-by-step guide on how to use discount coupons. 

Without keeping you waiting any further, let’s dive into the details.

Udacity Black Friday Deal 2024! 

Udacity’s Black Friday deals are the perfect opportunity for people to learn through online courses within a budget. Udacity offers the best deals during the Black Friday Sale, sometimes slashing the course’s prices by 75%! However, the sale isn’t live yet. The Black Friday Sale usually begins in November. Therefore, we can expect the same for 2024. 

Does that mean you cannot get a discount before November? Absolutely not! Even though the Black Sale discounts haven’t dropped yet, you can still enjoy the current offers. Basically, when you sign up on Udacity’s website, they give you a 70% discount code which you can use to buy any of the courses from their catalog. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find out about the code in detail. 

How to Use Udacity Discount Code – Easy Guide

Once you get the discount/coupon code, you may be wondering what to do next. The steps to avail of the discount code are easy, even for less tech-savvy people. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Udacity discount code when making a purchase. 

Step #1: Visit the official website of Udacity. 

Udacity Black Friday - Overview

Step #2: On their homepage, move the cursor over the “For Individuals” option to reveal the menu. 

Udacity - For Individuals

Step #3: Click on any program of your choice. 

Step #4: Once you have chosen a program, it will direct you to a new page. On this page, you will find the option to claim your personal discount at the top of the page. Click on it.  

Udacity - Choose A course

Step #5: After that, you will be redirected to a new page where you will be asked to sign up. You can do so using your email or Facebook account. When you’re done, click on “Continue”. 

Udacity - Create A Account

Step #6: You will be asked to enter some additional information. After you complete the registration process, you will receive the 70% discount code. 

Udacity - Discount Coupon

Congratulations! You now have a discount code that will give you a 70% discount during check out. Let us now see how to put the code to use. Note that the coupon code has a short lifespan and will expire soon. Therefore, you need to hurry. 

Step #1: When you receive the code, you will see the option “Explore programs”. Click on it. 

Step #2: Choose a program of your choice. 

Step #3: Click on “Enroll Now”.

Step #4: It will take you to the end of the page, where the discount has already been applied. You can view the original as well as the slashed prices. Click on “Enroll Now” again. 

Congratulations! You have bought a budget-friendly course and you can start learning now!

Udacity Pricing -Explained!

Udacity offers two pricing plans. In the first one, you pay as you go without making any commitments for the upcoming months. It provides you with the flexibility to go at your own pace and you have the option to cancel anytime. This plan is priced at $399/month. With the discount, you can avail of this for $120/month. 

Udacity - Pricing

The second plan is where you need to pay upfront for the duration of the course. For example, if the course is for 4 months, you need to buy 4-month access. Udacity offers an additional 15% discount on this plan. However, you need to complete the course in the given time, so it may not be a flexible option for everyone. 

Is It Worth Paying Udacity On Black Friday?

Definitely! There is no better way to save money than utilizing the Black Friday sale. It provides you with the most attractive deals of the year. Why pay the full price when you can get the work done at less than half the price?

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Final Verdict: Udacity Black Friday (2024)

That was everything about Udacity Black Friday discount codes! These deals aren’t something you should miss. Make sure you take advantage of them while they’re still available. As for new updates, keep coming back to this page. 

We hope this post was helpful in getting Udacity Black Friday deal. Let us know your review of Udacity in the comments section below!

FAQs On Udacity Black Friday

How much discount does Udacity usually give?

You can expect Black Friday discounts to range from 50% to 75%, or even more. This was the case last year, so we’re hoping for the same for 2024. 

Is the Black Friday sale very short?

Yes. The Black Friday sale does not stop for anybody. It lasts for only a few days, so make sure you keep checking our page to grab the deals. 

When will Udacity Black Friday deals go live?

This year, Black Friday is on 24https://nutmegeducation.com/udacity-nanodegree-costth November, so we can expect that Udacity Black Friday deals will only go live around that time.

Is there an Udacity coupon code available?

Until the Black Friday deals go live, you can check our exclusive Udacity coupon to get up to 70% off on any Nanodegree program you choose to enroll in.

What are the best Udacity Nanodegrees to pursue?

Some of the best Udacity Nanodegree programs are Self Driving Car Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Learn SQL, Business Analytics, Intro To Programming, Digital Marketing, and so on.

Are there any free courses available on Udacity?

Apart from Nanodegree programs and usually paid courses, Udacity also offers free courses, and some of the best free courses are Google Cloud Digital Leader Training, Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals, Front End Frameworks, How To Install Android Studio, and so on.

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