Top Teachable Courses Examples of 2024 (Best Sellers)

Being one of the best platforms for online course providing and creating, Teachable is for aspiring digital experts. Many specific niche instructors have used it. But is there any Best Teachable Courses example or more?

Yes! There are! Some of these courses are made entirely with Teachable, and some with a combination of Teachable, WordPress, etc.

So, since the creators who have created the Teachable developed courses are successfully using their sites, below I’ve shared a list of these Top 15 best teachable course examples. It will inspire you to start your own journey as a digital course creator.

Moreover, if you wish to find out how these creators used Teachable to their advantage, my Teachable review will solve all your queries.

But for now, let’s dive into the list!

Top 15 Best Teachable Course Examples

Here are the 10 best Teachable course examples that you can refer to for your website creation and building sales pages with Teachable Builder tools.

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RankBest Teachable Course exampleNiche
1. Therapeutic CoursesLanguage Learning
2.Excel ExposureM.S. Excel Mastery
3.Creative Watercolour Course by Angela FehrPainting
4.Yoga DoctorOnline Yoga Learning
5.Art of TeaMastery in Tea Making
6.Music Radio CreativeMusic Training Courses
7.Mark Dawson’s Formula for Self-PublishingBook Publishing Courses
8.NY Education- Stand-up CourseStand-Up Comedy Training
9.Freelance MasteryFreelancing Business Training
10.Every TuesdayGraphic Designing
11.SwordschoolMartial Arts Training
12.Melanie Tonia EvansThereuptic Courses
13.Music Ally Learning HubMusic Training Courses
14.Michael Hyatt’s Full FocusProductivity and Self-help courses
15. StationXCyber Security Training Courses

1. Language Courses by CoffeeBreak – Language Learning

Coffee Break is a complete guide to various languages that you can learn. These courses are provided by various language experts.

You will find more than 30 languages to learn, like French, Italian, Chinese, German, Spanish, English, and Swedish. They are all mini-courses available with very interactive content. 

They also provide various podcasts for each and every language course. Moreover, the website also gives access to various video materials and notes.

Best Teachable Courses Examples - Language Courses by CoffeeBreak

Also, the course provides the content in the season form, which contains 40 lessons per season. This website has interactive web content and various call-to-action features that make it different from others.

The website also features access to pre-recorded sessions and live podcasts. Also, learners can track their progress with the help of tracking features.

Similarly, if you are thinking of launching mini or short courses as well as podcasts, then you can get as many features as you want on Teachable, just like the coffee break.

2. Excel Exposure – M.S. Excel Mastery 

Excel Exposure is a website that has a wealth of Excel-related materials. It offers premium courses published on the Teachable platform.

It also offers a free course on the main website, which is provided via YouTube Videos and WordPress.

These subscription courses consist of five sessions, the first of which is free. Ben Currier, the founder, has implemented the Teachable Free Sample function to display all classes in the first course accessible to customers.

Excel Exposure

Apart from that, he also utilizes Teachable’s capabilities to add multiple sorts of information in one class. As a result, users will find classes in a variety of video, text, and graphic formats.

He has also allowed feedback and comments for the classes so that students can ask any questions and provide suggestions.

Teachable’s curriculum builder includes cloud importing, bulk uploading, and bulk tasks for lesson administration, in addition to the functionality stated previously. These features, when combined, make its course developer one of the most powerful available.

3. Creative Watercolour Course by Angela Fehr – Painting

If you are an artist and want to teach your skills to others then this is a perfect example of teachable for a sales page and online courses.

If you have a look at the website, you will see the creative outline for the website that helps in attracting people.

Angela Fehr is a great watercolor painter who started giving training on YouTube. Her classes bought her more than 70,000 subscribers on YouTube. Then, she launched her website for her online watercolor courses.

Her website allows access to more than 25 course packages as well as individual course packages.

Creative Watercolour Course by Angela Fehr

The website also offers weekly watercolor tips given by Angela Fehr and various recommended supplies that you can buy.

Also, it has a separate page that provides course recommendations for beginners and skill building.

If you are an artist who wants to make your own courses and sell them online, you can refer to this website, which gives an artistic look by Teachable, and plan accordingly.

4. Yoga Doctor – Online Yoga Learning

This is a classic example of a Teachable sales page and website if you want to begin real quick without wasting time designing and adding various features to your website.

She provides simple information about yoga and health which is very accessible to learn from. She also uses the membership feature by which customers can buy her membership, and she provides various downloadable resources through her website.

Yoga Doctor

The Teachable course platform’s tools enabled her to build a range of video classes and lectures to provide her skills to many users. Every class and post focuses on the fundamentals of yoga.

Students will also be able to buy subscriptions to gain access to content that is premium. In a separate post, the page provides a list of scholarship opportunities for people who are unable to pay such an amount.

So, if you want to keep your website simple but effective then this website is a perfect example that you can refer to.

5. Art of Tea – Mastery in Tea Making

Art of Tea is a tea store that provides tea sachets, teaware, and tea-related products online. They also offer a couple of tea-related courses offered on Teachable.

The courses, which primarily consist of videos, PDFs, booklets, and quizzes, discuss the history of tea, tea varieties, iced teas, and so on.

The interface of this website is straightforward, with few design features. Teachable is mainly used to create the dashboard and sell web pages.

Art of Tea

The best part is that you don’t need any coding experience to construct a site like this. You simply need to become acquainted with the Teachable website builder, which is extremely simple to use.

If you prefer to keep things easy and simple, then this is the Teachable example to use. You may retain your classes and courses, sales sites, and check out sites on the site, much like this course developer.

6. Music Radio Creative – Music Training Course

Music Radio Creative makes tunes and customized soundtracks for RJs, DJs, and various corporations.

Their primary website is built on Shopify, but they also have blogs on WordPress, a Discourse community, and Teachable courses.

It’s a great example you can refer to if you are planning to create online courses on Teachable while also using other platforms for selling, blogging, storing, and so on.

Music Radio Creative

Their Teachable website provides five distinct courses, all of which are pricey. The Audio Production course, for example, costs more than $1,000.

The classes are also flexible and contain incredibly simple course content. Each section has tasks, and upon accomplishment, students obtain a completion certificate.

You can also use Teachable’s resources, like certifications and quizzes, to ensure that students get the most out of your course. There is also course leaking and locking.

Overall, Teachable provides all of the necessary tools for creating an excellent online course.

7. Mark Dawson’s Formula for Self-Publishing-  Book publishing course

This website was created by Mark Dawson and can benefit both budding and experienced writers. Teachable was utilized to create the Self Published Solution, which serves students with relevant online courses.

On the home page, you can look through the many available digital products. There are podcasts, premium courses, and the opportunity to join Self Publishing Formula’s private Facebook group.

Mark Dawson’sFormula for Self-Publishing

Also on the sales page, each online course is designed to cover a distinct area of writing. You can also see video tutorials and ebooks as additional resources.

Also, due to it being made with Teachable, it includes email marketing capabilities.

When a learner signs up, they are subscribed to get the emails automatically from the Self Publishing Formula via the email address customers provide while filling up the details. This helps in generating sales.

8. NY Education- Stand-up Course- Stand-Up Comedy Training

NY Education Stand Up course is a great example of a Teachable courses website. Standup comedy may indeed be delivered just as readily digitally as it can in real life.

It has educated various well-known celebrities, including  Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock since its establishment. 

On the Stand-Up NY Education sales website, there is a long list of classes that may be taken by the learners. Students can study everything from the fundamentals of standup comedy creation to advanced methods.

 NY Education- Stand-up Course

Every student will be educated on something new by the sales page. They can choose the video lesson plan or the course that best meets their requirements and choices.

These courses will help you incorporate your personality and points of view into your comedy writing. If you employ them, you will sound and appear more genuine.

They have also provided the watch promo option that actually helps to watch short promos before enrolling in the classes.

So, if you want to create courses based on a real interface like stand-up comedy, then this is a website you can blindly check on.

9. Freelance Mastery – Freelancing Business Training

Brad Traversy and Kyle Prinsloo’s Freelance Mastery is an online course that demonstrates how to create a successful freelance career.

There are two purchasing options: Standard and Premium. In addition to the basic course information, the Premium course includes access to multiple designs, templates, contract law, and a network.

Freelance Mastery

This course website is really unique and is entirely focused on a specific course. Hence, their homepage includes the teachable sales page.

Plus, the excellent aspect of the training is the design of the sales page. Brad and Kyle created a custom sales page rather than using the page builder.

Teachable page-building tools are narrow and limited, but if you know how to code, you may entirely personalize your sales page.

10. Every Tuesday – Graphic Designing

Every Tuesday is a platform for people who wish to learn graphic design and letter design. Additionally, the platform offers digital products to its users.

The courses on Every Tuesday are created on Teachable, and the course library is made on WordPress.  So, when you click on the given link, you’ll land on the sole sales page of Every Tuesday. 

Every Tuesday

The best part about this course is it allows you to use several platforms for the same courses such as Teachable online learning and Skillshare.

Overall, it is another great example of a teachable course that is wonderfully designed and provides many features to its users.

11. Swordschool – Martial Arts Training

For users who like to create online courses in the ‘Martial Arts’ niche, Swordschools is the ideal platform. 

Swordschool Training

One might wonder how you can learn a sport like Martial arts through a written and virtual course, but rest assured. Swordshool lessons are created in a way that helps you understand each skill easily. Plus, Teachable’s Sales page includes everything you need to learn Martial arts.

Additionally, Swordschool has three free courses, which are beneficial to try out the platform before buying.

12. Melanie Tonia Evans- Therapeutic Courses

Renowned mental health expert Melanie Tonia Evans offers online classes and leads programs for therapy.

Like a lot of other Teachable users, she uses WordPress for her primary page. It consists of an external link that leads to the Teachable course web page.

Melanie Tonia Evans

Anyone wishing to recover from the trauma of abusive narcissism can enroll in three different courses, plus a ten-week program called Thrive can find a suitable course there.

All of her courses are created for users’ comfort while providing them with self-help solutions.

13. Music Ally Learning Hub – Music Training Courses

An educational resource,  Music Ally aims to grow the music business. In addition to planning events, they offer advice, write reports, and develop music marketing training courses.

Music Ally

The website has over thirty courses covering various subjects, from digital marketing execution (related to music) to the fundamentals of the music industry.

Aspiring learners can purchase a single course subscription of $99 as a one-time payment or opt for the other course packages. Additionally, a full-access (to all courses) subscription can be bought at $999.

14. Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus –Productivity and Self-help courses

The American author Michael Hyatt, is popular for his books on Self-improvement and productivity.  His similar niche online learning academy, Full Focus, is created on Teachable while hosting multiple courses. 

Full focus

Moreover, Michael teaches one of his most expensive courses worth $2,797 on the landing sales page built by Teachable. However, you are again brought back to the Full Focus platform to check out the course.

15. StationX – Cyber Security Training Courses

A cyber security training provider, StationX, is also created with the help of Teachable.

StationX provides course packages and a membership system that is based on subscriptions that include individual courses. 

StationX Cyber Security

Students can choose packages if they want unlimited access to the courses for Lifetime. If not, they have the option to buy the VIP subscription.

StationX has several instructors on board with the platform who are sharing the revenue generated from the courses with them.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Teaching Course Example? 

Right from the Languages course by Coffeebreak to Cyber Security courses by StationX, the best teachable course example can be from any niche.

Teachable has made it easier to create your own online course platform. It has saved creators plenty of time to focus on making their courses rather than worrying about developing their sites.

So, if you are soon to embark on a journey that will land you in the list above, Teachable is the one for you!

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