How Many Days Do Teachers Work (Data for 2023)

Many teachers often hear from their friends, family, and others that they are very lucky to be a teacher and they have to work less and can earn more. But is it true?

Teachers devote their time to grading assignments, tests, and other assigned work. Besides, they have to plan and schedule their lectures during non-working hours. Additionally, they spend a lot of time answering emails from the student’s families and solving students’ queries. 

So how many days do teachers work, adding all the extra hours spent in grading students’ work and managing all the extra work that has to be done? 

Working Days Of Teachers: At A Glance 

Here we have shared a detailed How many days do teachers work? guide here.

How Many Days Do Teachers Work - Overview
  1. Teachers have to sign a contract of 180 working days per year. However, they have to work for more than 275 days per year. 
  2.  Teachers work 2,200 hours per year. 
  3. Teachers work for 7 to 8 hours per day in a school. 
  4. 46% of teachers work more than 50 hours a week. 
  5. Teachers have to work for a minimum of 35 to 40 hours a week. 
  6. Teachers spend only 1,170 hours per year in actual teaching.
  7.  450 hours are spent by teachers planning and preparing for the class. 
  8. Teachers spend 300 hours grading outside the classroom. 
  9. 29% of teachers wish to spend more time planning and preparing for their lectures. 
  10. 31% of teachers wish to spend less time on general administrative work. 
  11. 74% of teachers reported that they are not satisfied with the salary they receive as they have to work even during non-working hours. 
  12. Middle school teachers make $56,720 per year. 
  13. On average, public institution teachers in the OECD countries have to teach over 865 hours per year.
  14. Italian school teachers teach for around 941 hours per year.

How Many Hours Do Teachers Work In A Week? 

  1. Teachers generally work more than 40 hours a week and a minimum of 35 hours. 
  2. According to EdWeek research, teachers spend 54 hours each week working. Of that, only 25% of the time is spent on teaching
  3. In a survey, 46% of teachers reported working more than 50 hours a week, while 12% said they work every moment they are awake. 

The following table displays the number of hours teachers work in a week. 

The Number Of Hours. Percentage Of Teachers.
35 hours12% 
40 to 45 hours38%
More than 50 hours46%
Work every moment they are awake. 4%

How Many Days Do Teachers Work In A Year?

  1. Teachers usually sign a contract of 180 working days a year, but they have to work for 275 days per year.  

This contract states teachers must work 180 days or 39 weeks a year. Hence, people believe that teachers get to enjoy their winter and summer holidays. 

Work In A Year

But that’s far beyond reality. Teachers must work at least 42 hours or 2,200 hours per year. They work during non-working hours and even on holidays to fulfil their responsibility. 

Following is the detailed on teachers spending hours per year on different workloads.

WorkloadHours per year
Instruction 1,170 hours
Preparation450 hours
Email & Communication40 hours
Summer PD100 hours
Planning140 hours
Grading300 hours 
Total2,200 hours

How Many Hours Do Teachers Work In A Day?

  1. Teachers work for approximately 7 to 8 hours a day. 
  2. 6 hours are spent in actual teaching, while more than 2 hours are spent in planning, grading and other school activities. 

How Many Hours Do Teachers Actually Work? 

Teaching involves more work than that recognized by the general public. Teachers have to work at home as well as for extra hours in school. 

The following table includes the breakdown of the time spent by teachers on different school work and preparation.

Teaching ProcessHours In A Year 
Hours of instruction in a classroom 1,170 hours
Hours devoted to classroom prep, planning, etc.450 hours
Grading outside the classroom. 300 hours
Hours of planning outside the classroom 140 hours
Hours spent on summer PD100 hours
Hours spent on email and other communication40 hours
Total hours2,200 hours per year

Hours Of Instruction In The Classroom 

  1. Teachers are in the classroom for 6 hours a day. 

This number varies in different schools and institutes. Besides, teachers have a 25-minute lunch break, during which they usually spend time with students as students either make up for their pending work or use the teachers’ classrooms as a quiet space. 

Hours On Classroom Prep, Planning, etc. 

  1. 450 hours are spent by teachers in planning and preparing for the classroom. 

Most schools ask teachers to be in class 5 minutes before the students. However, teachers have to reach one hour earlier in school to prepare for the day ahead. 

Also, you will notice that the parking lot is full after school for at least 2-3 hours. Teachers are busy with meetings, clubs, after-school help, sports, etc. All extra work adds up to 300 to 600 hours in teachers’ working hours. 

Hours Of Grading Outside The Classroom. 

  1. Teachers spend 300 hours grading outside the classroom. 

Teachers love teaching, but they do not like grading that much. Teachers have to spend approximately five to ten hours a week grading the assignments and tests. 

Hours Of Planning Outside Of The Classroom. 

  1. Teachers spend 140 hours outside the classroom planning their lessons. 

Most teachers reported that they like planning their lessons in advance as it helps to cover all the required topics and induces a flow in their class.

Teachers spend three hours a week planning their lectures, which adds to 120 hours a year. Additional 20 hours a year are spent creating lecture plans during winter and spring breaks. 

Hours Spent On Summer PD.

  1. Teachers spend 100 hours in Summer PD. 

Do teachers enjoy their summer vacation just relaxing? By now, you would have already guessed it. Teachers have to work even during summer vacation. They are packed with PD and training.

Hours Spent On Communication Via Email And Other Resources. 

  1. Teachers spend 40 hours communicating through email and other means. 

Teachers receive emails from students and their parents even during weekends and summer breaks. They spend a lot of time clearing the doubts received through email or other communication means. 

Total Time Spent On Work By Teachers

  1. Teachers, in total, spend 2,200 hours working in a year

Adding all the work teachers have to complete at school as well as in non-working hours sums up to more than 42 weeks in a year with a contract of only 30 weeks or 180 days. 

On Which Tasks Do Teachers Wish To Spend More Time?

  1. According to a survey conducted by education week, 29% of teachers would like to spend more time planning and preparing for their lectures, while 28% wanted to spend more time in actual teaching. 
  2. On the other hand, less than 1% of teachers want to spend their time on school committee work, and only 1% want extra time on general administrative work.
Spend More Time

The following table shows the tasks teachers want to spend their time on. 

Task Percentage Of Teachers That Wish To Spend More Time 
Planning and preparation 29%
Actual teaching time 28%
Teamwork and planning with colleagues 17%
Grading and feedback of student work7%
Professional development activities5%
Non-teaching student interaction. 5%
Communication with parents or guardians3%
Other work tasks3%
Non-curricular activities2%
General administrative work1%
School committee workLess than 1%

On Which Tasks Do Teachers Want To Spend Less Time? 

  1. According to Edweek’s research, 31% of teachers want to spend less time on general administrative work in school, and 22% want to spend less time on non-teaching student interaction. 
  2. On the contrary, only 2% of teachers wanted to spend less time communicating with parents or guardians, and the other 2% wanted less time on teamwork and planning with colleagues. 

The following table displays the tasks teachers wish to spend less time on. 

WorkPercentage Of Teachers That Want To Spend Less Time. 
General administrative work31%
Non-teaching students interaction22%
Professional development activities. 12%
Other work tasks8%
Grading and feedback of student work8%
Planning or preparation 6%
School committee work 5%
Actual teaching time 3%
Non-curricular activities3%
Teamwork and planning2%
Communication with parents or guardians. 2%

How Many Days A Year Do Teachers Get Off?

  1. Teachers get 5 to 10 days of personal or sick leave during the school year. Also, teachers have other holidays like winter break, spring break, and summer vacation. 

This may sound like a lot of holidays, but teachers have to do a lot of work and prepare for lessons even during non-working hours. 

Are Teachers Satisfied With The Salary They Receive? 

  1. 74% of the teachers reported that they are not at all satisfied with the salary they get for the work assigned. 

The following table displays the satisfaction of teachers with their job. 

Teachers SatisfactionPercentage Of Teachers. 
Are satisfied with their salaries. 82%
Are not satisfied with their salaries74%
Like the way, things run in their school.80%
Are satisfied with how much they make at school 67%
  1. 63% of the teachers reported getting anxious at the thought that they did not have control over their schedules and plans. 

Do Teachers Get Paid In The Summer?

  1. Teachers do not get paid in summer as they are not actively teaching. 

Many people have a myth that teachers get paid even for the two months’ holiday. But that’s not the case. Teachers are expected to do a lot of unpaid work during the summer and other breaks. 

However, most teachers spread their pay off ten months to the entire 12 months of time.  

Do Teachers Get Paid In Winter Breaks?

  1. Teachers are not paid for work during winter break. Teachers are usually just paid for 180 to 190 days in a year. 

Teachers must work and prepare for classes after the winter break. Even though teachers can spread their salary for 12 months, they receive their salary only for the contracted days. 

How Much Do Teachers Make In A Year?

  1. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers’ median salary is as follows:
  • Kindergarten and elementary teachers receive a salary of approximately $55,490. 
  • Middle school teachers reported receiving an average salary of $56,720. 
  • High school teachers receive a median salary of $58,030. 

 The salary of teachers varies according to your location. States provide teachers’ salaries according to their budgets and the school’s rank. 

  1. Teachers must complete at least a bachelor’s degree to get the job. Teachers with master’s and doctorate degrees get paid higher than teachers with bachelor’s degrees. 

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Conclusion: How Many Days Do Teachers Work (2023)

 That’s all about the working days of teachers. 

Summing up, teachers usually work for 275 days or 2.,200 hours per year. Compared to the contract time, the teachers have to work for 95 extra days. These days are spent preparing for the class, grading assignments and working on other non-teaching stuff. 

If you aspire to make your career in the teaching field, these stats will provide insights into teachers’ working hours. We keep updating these stats from time to time according to the latest information received. 

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