Teaching Statistics 2024 (Facts and Figures)

The teaching industry has grown subsequently over the years due to the increasing number of students in schools. The teaching statistics will help you to give an overview of life as a teacher in the US. 

There are more than 3.7 million teachers in the US. The number of teachers in the United States has declined on a large scale. There has been a lack of teachers in the past years.

In the following article, I have compiled all the necessary stats related to teaching statistics. This will surely help you understand the essence of the life of teachers and their professional life.

Teaching Statistics (Top Picks)

 Teaching Statistics - Overview
  1. According to the latest data, there are around 3.7 million teachers in the US.
  2. In the United States there are approximately 3.2 million public school teachers in the US. 
  3. 76% of the teachers in the education industry are male, while the percentage of male teachers is only 24. 
  4. 14:3 is the average student-teacher ratio in the United States. 
  5. The reasearch states that, a average teachers works overtime for 400 hours each year.
  6. 79.3% of the teachers in the US are white, while 6.7% of them are Black or African. 
  7. $65,090 is the average salary of the teachers in public schools in the United Nations. 
  8. The teachers in the NewYork reported having the highest salaries of $85,889. 
  9. 88% of the people reported that their teachers have played a significant role in their life and have affected their lives positively. 
  10. 75% of the students reported that they consider their teachers their role models. 
  11. 89% of the people reported that they believe teaching is a difficult job.
  12. 18% of the teachers reported that they have to find a second job along with teaching in school to manage the load of their expenses.  
  13. 51% of the people think that Teaching is the most rewarded profession.

General Teaching Statistics

Teaching is a profession chosen mainly by students who have a passion for teaching and helping the younger generations to grow. However, most of the teachers report that they are not respected by society and their parents. Let us take a look at all the general statistics related to the teaching and the education industry. 

  1. Every 4th teacher under the age of 30 has to opt for a second job as their salary of approximately $5000 is not enough to satisfy their needs. 
  2. It was reported that 44% of new teachers tend to quit within the first five years of their profession. 
  3. Approximately $459 is spent by the teachers every year on teaching materials and stationery. 
  4. The teachers in the US reported that they have to work around 50 hours per week. 
  5. In recent years, 50% of teachers are considering quitting their jobs. 
  6. The enrollment in teacher education dropped by 35% between the years 2009 to 2014.  
  7. The teacher education enrollments declined from 451,000 to 691,000  till the end of the year 2014. 
  8. 50% of the teachers that work in traditional public schools do not have a bachelor’s degree. 
  9. 50% of the teachers that have a bachelor’s degree reported that they prefer to work in public charter schools. 
  10. Only 10% of the teachers own a master’s degree. They prefer private schools over other schools. 
  11. The unemployment rate of teachers is 2.6%.
  12. The growth rate of teachers is reported to be 4% every year. 
  13. The postsecondary teachers reported a growth rate of 9%. 
  14. The private tutoring market in the US reported revenue of $46.9 billion.
  15. The private tutoring industry is worth around $45 billion dollars and is worth up to 27.04% of the global share of the market.
  16. The college professors reported a growth rate of 9% and reported the highest growth rate in the teaching industry.
  17. In the year 2018, 1.8 million teachers were reported to be working in elementary schools. 
  18. It was reported that 2 million teachers are mostly working with the younger generations. 
  19. In the public elementary school, the student-teacher ratio was reported to be 1: 16 in the year 2020. 
  20. The highest student-teacher ratio was recorded in California, which amounted to 1: 24. 
  21. 136,780 elementary school positions were recorded in texas. 
  22. The teaching growth rate in texas is 4%, and the average salary recorded is $56,520. 
  23. In the year 2020, the number of teachers recorded was 3.7 million.
  24. 3.2 million teachers are working in the public schools, while 0.5 million teachers are reported to be working in private schools.  
  25. There are around 130,930 elementary and secondary schools in the US.
  26. According to the latest statistics, US teachers are going to suppl more than 100,000 by 2025.
  27. It is noted that the average student to teacher ratio has in reased since 2000 to 2019.

Let’s have a look at the average student to teacher ratio over the years.

Year Student Teacher ratio
  1. It is estimated that the job look for the Kindergardern and elementary school teachers has grown by 7% growth rate.
  2. According to the research, it is estimated that there will be over 124,300 job openings for kindergarden and elementry school teachers each year and over 77,000 for high school teachers.

Sources: NCES, Research.com, seedscientific.com, USnews, Statista.

Teachers’ Impact On Students

The life of the teachers and the students have a large impact on each other. A teacher influences the lives of thousands of students, while on the other hand, some students have influenced the life of the teachers. Here are a few statistics related to the impact of teachers on students. 

  1. Only 52% of the teachers reported that they are appreciated by the community. 
  2. More than 10% of the teachers reported that they feel like quitting their job because they are not respected and appreciated by the community. 
  3. With the help of the teachers, 69% of the students were reported to get back on track after the learning loss that they faced during the pandemic years.
  4. 79% of the students reported that their teachers supported them and encouraged them to follow their dreams and work on them. 
  5. 83% of the students believe that their teachers helped them to boost their confidence. 
  6. 87% of the people reported that they wish to get a chase to say to their teacher that they appreciate their work.
  7. 25% to 60% of the retention is increased by the eLearning sources
  8. It was found that a good tutor can help an average student to score 98th percentile. 
  9. 45 percentile points improvement was observed in the students with good teachers. 
  10. More than 3000 students are influenced by teachers in their entire careers.
  11. 54% of the students and the teachers felt the effects of the increased workload of the curriculum. 
  12. 53% of the teachers have tried to create a more inclusive classroom to help students cope with the negative effects of the pandemic. 
  13. 51% of the teachers helped the students to create a more culturally-responsive classroom. 

Sources: NCES, seedscientific.comUSnews, Zippia.

Trends In Teaching 

The pandemic period has largely affected the latest trends in the teaching industry. Many teachers have lost the will to continue in the industry, while most professionals retire before the retirement period. Here are a few statistics related to the trends in the teaching field. 

  1. 78% of the learning loss of the students was recorded during the pandemic period. 
  2. 75% of the teachers felt the need to focus on social and emotional learning to make the lives of their students better. 
  3. The average student-teacher ratio has decreased from 15.9 to 14.3 in the year 2019. 

The student-teacher ratio over the years is as follows:

YearStudent-Teacher Ratio
  1. 7% of the growth is predicted in the numbers of the teachers of the kindergarten and elementary schools. 

Sources: NCES, seedscientific.com, Research.com

Teachers’ Demographics

The number of teachers varies according to gender and age group they are in. The demographics help us to get a closer look at the happenings of the teaching industry. Here are a few stats related to the demographics of the teaching industry. 

  1. Approximately 74.3% of the teachers in the US are females and 25.7% are males. 
  2. 90% of the teachers in the elementary schools were found to be females, while only 10% of the teaching staff was male. 
  3. The youngest age to be a teacher was reported to be 21. 
  4. The average age of teachers in the united states is reported to be 42.4 years old. 

The following table indicates the percentage of teachers that fall into different age groups.

Age RangePercentage of Teachers
Under 3015%
30 to 49 years56.9%
50 to 54 years11.6%
More than 55 years16.5%
  1. There were 3.2 million teachers in public schools teachers in the US in the year 2019-2020. 

In the year 2017-2018, the number of teachers in different institutes was as follows: 

Institute TypeNumber of Teachers
Public schools3.3 million
Public charter schools205,600
Private schools509,200
  1. In elementary schools, 89% of the teachers are female, and only 11% of the teachers are male. 
  2. In secondary schools, the number of female teachers is 64%, while there are 36% of male teachers. 
  3. 79.3% of the teachers in the US are reported to be white. 

The following table displays the percentage of teachers that belong to different races. 

Race/ EthnicityPercentage Of Teachers 
Black or African American6.7%
Two or more races1.8%
Native Americans/ Alaska natives0.5%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.2%

Let’s have a look at the percentage of teachers by education level.

(Source: Zippa.com)

Education LevelTraditional publicPublic CharterPrivate
Less than Bachlor’s 3%3%10%
Bachelor’s 39%50%42%
Master’s 50%39%40%

Sources: NCES, seedscientific.com, Zippia, USnews.

Teachers’ Life Statistics

The life of the teachers impacts their teaching quality. The professional life of the teachers as well have a major impact on the personal life of all teachers. Let us take a look at the life of teachers and its effect on the teaching industry. 

  1. 89% of the people have a view that teaching job is difficult as compared to jobs in other industries. 
  2. Teachers must study for up to 5 years to get their teaching license. 
  3. 78% of the teachers reported that they feel the symptoms of stress and depression. 
  4. In elementary schools, it was observed that more than 90% of the teachers working are females. 
  5. Teachers spend around $750 per year on school supplies for their classrooms.
  6.  The research states that, on average, a teacher works for 53.3 hours a week doing school-related work and teaching.
  7. 90% of the teachers spent the money on student incentives like prices, candy, giveaways, etc. 
  8. 82% of the teachers spent the money on basic school supplies like paper, pencils, pens, and other stationery. 
  9. 73% of the teachers spent their money on the students on their snacks and other food. 
  10. 73% of the teachers reported that they had spent their money on books and supplies for their students. 
  11. 66% of the teachers reported spending their money on classroom furniture and other required types of equipment. 
  12. 55% of the teachers spent their income on the games prepared for the students. 
  13. 52% of the teachers spent their money on health and safety materials for their students. 
  14. For the social and emotional learning of the students, almost 42% of the teachers reported that they had bought the types of equipment from their own pockets. 
  15. 25% of the teachers spent their money on adaptive learning tools, while 24% of them spent on technology like computers, projectors, printers, etc. 
  16. 84% of the teachers reported that their school does not have a budget for student incentives.

The following table lists the percentage of the lacked budget for the school supplies that the teachers need. 

School SuppliesPercentage Of Lack of The Budget
Students incentives84%
Classroom furniture and other required equipment54%
Basic school supplies50%
Social and economic learning tools45%
Curricular materials38%
Heath and safety materials31%
Adaptive learning tools28%
Technologies like computers, printers, etc. 27%
Field trips 20%

Sources: NCES, seedscientific.com, Research.com

Teachers Shortage In The US

Due to the loss of interest of teens in the teaching industry, the number of educators has decreased. This has led to a lack of teachers in the US. Here are a few stats related to the shortage of teachers.

  1. 55% less planning time is allotted to the teachers due to the shortages of teachers and other time-consuming factors. 
  2. 45% of the students have to change their curriculum. 
  3. 49% of the staff shortages are observed in the teaching industry. 
  4. 21% of the changes in the teaching assignments are observed. 
  5. 2% of the teaching staff reported that they didn’t experience any changes since the pandemic. 
  6. 80% of the educators reported that they face burnout problems usually. It is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. 
  7. 55% of the educators reported that they were ready to leave the profession due to the workloads and burnout before the time that they had planned. 
  8. 80% of the educators reported that they have to take on more due work due to the lack of educators in their district. 
  9. 78% of the educators reported that they find low-paying jobs a severe reason for the shortage of teachers. 
  10. 76% of the teachers believe that student behaviour is one of the reasons that most teachers leave their job before they complete the required time period. 
  11. 76% of the teachers reported that they do not get respected by parents and other people. 
  12. 92% of the educators reported that they support the idea of hiring more teaching staff. 
  13. 84% of the teachers reported that they support hiring more counsellors and school psychologists. 
  14. 94% of the educators believe that they need more supporting staff for the maintenance of the mental health and physical health of the students. 
  15. 87% of the teachers reported that less standardized testing would help to reduce the stress of the students and the teachers. 
  16. Only 10% of the educators reported that they would recommend the teaching profession to teens. 
  17. Only 30% of the teachers reported that they are satisfied with the position they are in. 

Sources: Edweek.org, hechingerreport.org, NCES, seedscientific.com

Teacher’s Workload

There is a shortage of educators in the teaching industry. This shortage has led to an increase in the workload of the teachers that are already working in the teaching industry. Here are a few statistics related to the increase in the workload of teachers. 

  1. 81% of the overall workload of the teachers has increased during the academic years 2021 and 2022. 
  2. Teachers spend more than 80% of their time taking care of the mental health of their students. 
  3. 71% of the money earned by the teachers is spent on the materials required for the classroom. 
  4. There is a 58% increase in interruptions in the classroom while the teacher is instructing the students. 
  5. 35% of the teachers reported that they received a smaller budget for the needed school supplies.
  6. 30% of the teachers reported that the school and the district’s priorities changed after the pandemic.  
  7. 25% of the teachers have to make changes in their assignments and the classrooms. 
  8. 18% of the teachers reported that they have to teach with minimal access to the instructional tools and materials required in the class.

Sources: NCES, seedscientific.com, Research.com.

Teachers’ Salaries In The US

The average salaries of most educators in the US are calculated to be less than the other professionals working in different industries. Let us take a look at the salary statistics of the teachers in united statistics. 

  1. The average annual salary of teachers in public schools is $61,730.
  2. More than 3 million teachers are reported to have a salary higher than  $60,000 per year. 
  3. Due to inflation, the teachers in the US reported that they are making 1.3% less salary compared to what they earned in the years 1999 and 2000. 
  4. The average payment of the people in the teaching industry is reported to be 3.1% lower than the people working in the other industries in the country.
  5. In Arizona, teaching professionals receive payments that are 36.4% less than the other professionals in the state. 
  6. The United States ranks 5th among 30 countries in the list of the countries with the highest teacher salaries. 
  7. The teachers in New York were reported to have the highest salaries, accounted up to $85,889. In contrast, the lowest salary of the teacher is noted in the state of Mississippi.
  8. $60,320 is the average salary for maths teachers. 
  9. The average years of experience that a teacher holds in the US is of 14 years.
  10. Only 30% of the teachers are able to reach the retirement stage. 
  11. The median salary of a high school teacher in the US is noted around $67,340. At the same time, the average salary of an elementary school teacher is around $65,420.

Sources: NCES, seedscientific.com, Research.com

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Wrapping Up: Teaching Statistics (2024)

That’s all about teaching statistics.

The number of students preparing to join the teaching industry has subsequently decreased over the past years. The increasing workload of the teachers and the less income in the field have led to the loss of interest of the students in the field. 

Most of the teachers in the teaching industry reported that they were underpaid. 

I hope that the above article has helped you to know more about the trends in the teaching industry. If I have missed any important stats related to teaching statistics, you can mention them in the comment section below. I then keep updating my articles and will add the stats with the required credits. 

Which teaching statistic has fascinated you the most? 

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