How Much Do Teachers Earn In 2024? (Latest Statistics)

“How much do teachers earn?”

This is the question that most teenagers consider when they decide to pursue their education to become an educator. The shortage of teachers in the nation has risen due to the low wages offered to teachers. 

Teachers’ salaries are a major reason for most students avoiding the teaching profession. This has led to an increased workload of the teachers in the education system.  However, the average salary of the teachers varies from state to state. 

In the following article, you will get an answer to the question: “How much do teachers earn in different states?” I have included details like the state in which the teachers earn the maximum and the lowest salary. Besides, you will also get insights into the average salary earned by teachers in the United Nations. 

If you are aiming to become a teacher or planning to make your career in the educational field, the following data and stats will surely be beneficial for you. 

What Is The Average Pay Of Teachers?

The average salary of teachers in the US is comparatively low in comparison to the average salary earned by employees working in other industries. The teachers in the US often compare low salaries. Let us take a look at the statistics related to the average pay of teachers in the United States. We will also go through other information that will help us to know about the teacher’s annual pay.

How Much Do Teachers Earn - Overview
  1. According to the research from the world population review, the average salary of teachers in the United States is $62,812 as of 2024.
  2. The entry-level salary of teachers in the United States is noted as an average of $32,000 per year.
  3. The average pay of teachers in the US in the year 2020-2021 was $65,090, while that in the year 2022 was $56,310.
  4. The average salary of teachers in public schools in the United States is $64,133. It is 14% more than the overall average salary of the nation. 

Let’s understand the average public school teacher’s salary over the years.

YearAverage public school salary
2015$57.76 K
2016$58.51 K
2017$59.72 K
2018$60.79 K
2019$62.36 K
2020$64.13 K
2021$65.09 K
  1. About 80% of people have an opinion that teachers are underpaid. 
  2. The new teachers earn a salary that is 11% less than they were making 30 years ago. 
  3. The teachers in elementary schools reported that they earn an average salary of $61,350.
  4. $61,320 is the average salary earned by the teachers in the middle school. 
  5. High school teachers have reported earning an average salary of $61,820. 
  6. The teachers on the East coast reportedly have more annual salaries in com comparison to the teachers in other states. 

Which Are The Best-Paying States For Teachers?

  1. The highest pay received by the teachers in NewYork. $92,222 is the highest salary earned by teachers in the Newyork. It is 11.5% higher than that of the earnings made by a full-time employee. 
  2. The salary earned by the teachers in the teachers in California is  $82,282, and that in Massachusetts is $82,042. 
  3. Let us take a look at the top ten states that offer the highest salary to teachers in the United States.

Ten States That Pay Teachers The Highest

  1. New York pays the teachers a salary of $92,222. 
  2. The earnings made by the teachers in the state of Massachusetts are $88,903. 
  3. In the state of California, the average earning made by teachers is  $87,275.
  4. Washington pays the teachers an average amount of $81,586.
  5.  $81,185 is the salary received by the teachers in the state of Connecticut.
  6. In the state of New Jersey, teachers receive an average salary of $79,045. 
  7.  $76,852 is the average salary earned by teachers in Rhode Island.
  8. In Maryland, teachers receive an average salary of $75,766.
  9. It was reported that in Alaska, the average salary of teachers was $73,722.
  10. $72,428 is the average salary received by teachers in Pennsylvania. 

Let’s understand the top ten highest-paying states in the US.

StateAverage pay
New York$92,222
Massachusettes $88,903
Washington $81,586
New Jersey$79,045
Rhode Island$76,852

Sources: NCES

Worst Paying States For Teachers?

In some states, it is reported that the teachers earn a very low salary as compared to the teachers in other states. It was reported that the teachers in these states have to take up two jobs to fulfill their basic needs. 

Let us take a look at states that pay the least salary to teachers in the year 2022. 

Ten States With The Least Salary Earned by The Teachers.

StateThe Average Salary Earned by Teachers. 
South Dakota$39,580
North Carolina$45,847
West Virginia$46,405
New Mexico$46,573
North Dakota$47,344

Statewise Comparison Of Teachers’ Earnings,

The average salary earned by teachers differs from state to state. The highest salary is earned by the teachers in the state of New York, while the lowest salary is earned by the teachers in the state of Mississippi.

The following table provides details about the average salary earned by the teachers in the year 2019-202 and the change in salary in the past decade. 

StateAverage Salary of Teachers In The Year 2019-2020Change In Adjusted Salary Since The Year 1999-2000State Spending Per Student
Newyork$87,543$12.9%$24, 040
Washington, DC$79,35010.9%$22,759
New Jersey$76,376-3.4%$20,021
Rhode Island$67,323-5.8%$16,121
New Hampshire$60,0034.7%$16,893
North Carolina$54,682-8.7%$9,377
New Mexico$54,2569.7%$9,582
North Dakota$52,32815.3%$13,758
South Carolina$51,485-6.1%$10,856
West Virginia$50,238-5.6%$11,334
South Dakota$49,220-11.4%$10,073

Source: Business insider, NCES

Highest paying cities in the US for teachers

According to the latest data, the highest-paying city in the United States is Brooklyn. Teachers in Brooklyn earn $41.50 per hour.

The following are the highest-paying cities for teachers in the United States.

CityAverage teacher salary per year
Brooklyn $41.50 per hour
Los Angeles$39.79 per hour
New York$39.02 per hour
Houston$35.99 per hour
Chicago$35.15 per hour
Dallas$35.04 per hour
Atlanta$32.28 per hour
Austin$31.22 per hour
Orlando$30.2 per hour

Average Teacher Salaries by years of Experience

According to the data from, teachers who have the experience of more than 30 years in public schools are likely to have more salaries than those in private schools.

Years of ExperiencePublic schoolPrivate school

Highest Paying Types of Teachers

Let’s have a look at the highest-paying types of teachers in the US.

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
Substitute school teacher$33,215$2,768$15.97
Math and Science teacher$46,589$3,882$22.40
Summer school teacher$52,828$4,402$25.40
Teacher in training$37,214$3,101$17.89
Substitute Teacher$32,904$2,742$15.82
Head start Teacher$33,865$2,822$16.28

Changes In The Teacher’s pay Over The Years

The past years have been a rollercoaster for the salaries earned by the teachers. The teachers in some states have seen a good percentage increase in their salaries while some teachers have seemed s considerable fall. Let us take a look at the changes in the salaries of teachers in the past years. 

  1. From the year 2010 to 2021, the salaries of teachers in the United Nations have dipped by 3%.
  2. Six states, namely Indiana, Wyoming, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana, saw a decrease in teachers’ salaries by 10%. 
  3. There was an increase of 7% in the salaries of teachers in the states of  South Dakota, California, and Vermont. 
  4. Washington State witnessed a growth of 23.5% in teachers’ pay in the time period between 2010 to 2021. 


Companies that pay teachers the most

According to the data from, King Low Heywood Thomas is the highest paying company for teachers in the United States.

CompanyAverage Salary per yearHourly rate
King Low Heywood Thomas$90,187$43.36
Trinity Episcopal School$83,053$39.93
The SEED School of Maryland$81,371$39.21
University of California-Berkeley$80,817$38.85
German International School New York$80,587$38.74
Harvard University$80,384$38.65
OAKWOOD SCHOOL$79,190$38.07
The Nueva School$78,923$37.94
Stanford University$78,764$37.87

Conclusion: How Much Do Teachers Earn (2024)

That’s all about the salary earned by teachers across the states. 

Due to the workload and the long hours required to prepare lesson plans, most people complain that the teachers are underpaid and overworked. In recent years it has been reported that the movement against lower salaries has risen in public and private schools. Most of the teachers also reported that they have to work with inadequate conditions and with a lack of proper supplies.

I hope that the above article has helped you to know the details about the salaries earned by teachers in various states and districts. If I have missed any important facts or stats, you can mention them in the comment section below. I usually keep updating my article and may include the fact that you have added in the comment section the required credits. 

What are your views regarding the average salary earned by teachers in various states? 


Which states pay teachers the most?

The highest salary is earned by the teachers in Newyork State. The teachers in New York earned an average salary of $87,738. It is followed by  Massachusetts and California. 

What type of teacher is most in demand?

The teachers that teach English as a second language are most in demand in the teaching industry. It is followed by the in-demand subjects like Maths and Science. 

Why do teachers get paid so little?

Education in the United States is underfunded. It is the major reason for teachers being underpaid. The people working in the educational field have been facing the issues of being underpaid and working extra time, since the last decade. Various other factors like the state and the district they reside in. 

How many hours do teachers really work?

On average, teachers have to work 42.2 hours a week. Female teachers reported working 41.2 hours while male teachers reported that they worked 42.2 hours a week. 

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