108+ Trending Essay Topics to Cover in 2024

The most difficult stage to take when beginning to compose an essay is deciding which essay to write.

Students are frequently asked to write about what they are passionate about or are really interested in. 

Also,  there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to selecting the greatest topic; when coming up with ideas, there are criteria to consider

After a significant amount of essay writing, it gets clear that specific topics suit better with certain types than others, which implies that your topic of writing should be picked only after you have determined the kind of essay that you need to write.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at various types of essays. We have also mentioned around 10-15 topics for each category, which makes the total count of essay topics to 108.

10+ Categories of Writing Essay And Their Essay Topics

Here are the 10 categories of essay writing and the examples of each topic.

1. Expository Essays:

Expository Essays are basically to demonstrate the knowledge and proficiency of a particular area. These essays explain the topic evenhandedly.

Expository essays targets to explain a specific concept or idea without making any disagreements. These essays directly look into the problem and do comparisons by exploring and researching the topic. 

Best Essay Topics - Essay

You will have to write the complete process of how anything happens and you will need to explain the analysis based on the research without making or mentioning any arguments.

You need to skip the opinion or the emotion and motion the facts and information.

Expository Essay Topics:

  1. What things do teenagers worry about?
  2. Student loans.
  3. Why is moving stressful?
  4. How to recognize a leader in a group.
  5. Overprotective and strict parents.
  6. Getting pregnant at 16: Problems that girls face.
  7. How exercises improve overall wellness.
  8. How to distinguish a leader in a group.
  9. How to overcome the fear of public speaking.
  10. The higher education system in the US

2. Process Essays

Overview: Process Essays are a way of explaining and detailing the process of how something has been done.

It is written in a way so that readers can acknowledge the process with a step-by-step guide. 

To write the Process essays, you need to add the chronological order that explains the complete guide to performing anything step by step.

You can simply break down the process into steps that may vary gradually or precisely. In the Introduction part, you introduce the topic and the process.

You can cover the steps to doing that process in the body section and in the conclusion part, you can wrap up and summarize the whole process in short terms.

Process Essay Topics:

  1. How to deal with procrastination.
  2. How to overcome OCD.
  3. How to save money.
  4. How to get out of bad habits.
  5. How to exercise regularly.
  6. How to start your business.
  7. How to Learn the cooking Italian dishes.
  8. How to become an author.
  9. How to get rid of stress.
  10. How to say NO.
  11. How to let go of things.

3. Narrative Essays

Overview:  Narrative essays are a form of storytelling. These essays are written from a particular point of view. 

To write the Narrative essay, you need to create a plot, create a set of characters, and maybe the location and the climax for your story.

This essay type allows the writer to argue or transmit a lesson from personal experience. 

In narrative essays, literary techniques can be used to generate an essay that reads like fiction. 

You can simply use alliteration, analogies, metaphors, imagery, and dialogue to accomplish this. A narrative essay often begins with an attention-grabbing opener that gives enough background information for the story to make sense. 

A conclusion summarises the major argument of your essay or reiterates your objectives.

Narrative Essay Topics:

  1. A pet that changed your life.
  2. The first time you in the plane.
  3. Your worst memory.
  4. Indian family traditions.
  5. Your best friend and you met.
  6. Your biggest fear.
  7. Your school days.
  8. The death of a friend or relative that influenced you.
  9. A summer camp story to remember.

4. Compare and Contrast Essays

Overview: As the name suggests, compare and contrast essays discuss the two subjects with their similarities and differences between those two topics.

To write the compare and contrast type of essay, you need to mention the two topics and the comparison between them. compare and contest essay is very easy to write and much engaging to read because the content is more relevant to your own ideas.

You may draw a comparison table and equalize both topics by mentioning the relationship between them.

You can simply include the introduction about both topics. Then in the body section, you can include the comparison and similarities between them.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:

  1. The anatomical differences between alligators and crocodiles.
  2. The differences and similarities between Greek and Roman mythology
  3. Work from home vs. working in an office
  4. The differences and similarities between ancient Indian and modern Indian mythology.
  5. The educational system in India vs. the UK
  6. Living with parents vs. living in hostels.
  7. Online books vs. physical books
  8. UK English vs. American English: differences and similarities
  9. Nonveg vs. vegetarian.

5. Argumentative Essays

This type of essay Argumentative essay attempts to persuade the audience to take a particular side based on the information presented by the writer. 

To persuade readers, argumentative essays concentrate on data rather than feelings. An argumentative essay, for example, can explore why corporations should provide fitness products as part of their benefits package. The essay might include information on how physical activity boosts output and how those who eat properly and exercise use fewer sick days.

Argumentative Essay Topics:

  1. Does large screen time affect mental health?
  2. Do people abuse their right to get a gun?
  3. Should abortion be banned?
  4. Does blogging have a future?
  5. Does police brutality have a racial aspect?
  6. Is competition really beneficial?
  7. Does social media violate our privacy?
  8. Do food companies control our diets?
  9. Should all women have access to birth control and family planning?
  10. Is vaping as harmful as smoking cigarettes?

6. Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays describe your topic in great depth. This could be a person, a place, an object, or an event.

A descriptive essay seeks to provide vivid sensory details to describe a specific event or thing (sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound).

Consider using vivid images and incorporating actions, ideas, sensory details, and emotions to immerse the reader rather than merely discussing the situation or happenings when writing a descriptive essay. 

You can accomplish this by using strong action verbs and distinctive, descriptive adjectives. This can improve the readability of your writing and help the reader feel more involved and linked to your essay and its characters.

Descriptive Essay Topics:

  1. The person that inspires you
  2. The memorable day of your life
  3. Describe your favorite cartoon character
  4. The most beautiful view you have ever seen
  5. The most memorable day of college
  6. The most embarrassing situation you had in your life.
  7. Describe your childhood home
  8. The most recent nightmare you had
  9. The weirdest travel experience you had
  10. The earliest memory you possess

7. Cause and Effect Essays

A cause and effect essay, like a compare and contrast essay, seeks to demonstrate the relationship between things—specifically, how one thing was influenced by another.

Cause and effect essays explain how one event or condition led to another. They establish a clear link between the two sets of events or situations and explain what characteristics of the beginning event resulted in the following episodes.

Cause and effect essays are expository writings in which information is stated rather than subjective judgments.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics:

  1. Communication is the key to a healthy marriage.
  2. Long distance relationships and distrust.
  3. Global warming and species extinction.
  4. Freedom of speech can be abused.
  5. Does social media improve people’s interaction?
  6. Consumerism pollutes the planet.
  7. Organic produce consumption reduces health risks.
  8. Panic attacks and their causes.
  9. Healthy weight loss.
  10. Drugs and alcohol consumption causes health failure.

8. Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays are the type of essays that take a stance on a particular issue. These essays focus on the opinion or taking a stance on a particular issue. 

You may write to comprehend and support the unique pov on an issue by explaining your reasoning and presenting facts to back it up.

 An introduction, a thesis statement, body paragraphs with a counterargument and data to support your key point, and a conclusion are typical components of a persuasive essay.

Persuasive Essay Topics:

  1. Is it ethical to clone animals?
  2. Limit the time on the screen for kids.
  3. Long-term consequences of being a single mom.
  4. Free public wifi.
  5. Human trafficking
  6. Hunting wild animals is immoral
  7. Why microchipping your pet is good
  8. Is it ethical to clone animals?
  9. School breaks should be longer

9. Definition Essays

Definition essays are the type of essays that explains a specific term or concept.

These essays often investigate complex or abstract issues and provide detailed analysis and explanations.

A definition essay might explain what philosophy is or what modern science is. 

You may start with an introduction to that particular topic. In the body paragraphs, you can provide relevant information about the term. Finally, you can conclude a paragraph in the end with your own words.

Definition Essay Topics:

  1. What is the cold war?
  2. What is science?
  3. Is there any universal definition of love?
  4. What is climate change?
  5. What is the concept of race as a social construct?
  6. Parental care and love
  7. Explain the concept of privilege.
  8. Freedom
  9. What is the concept of dreaming?
  10. What is a literary theme?
  11. Explain the term grief/
  12. What is Pythagorean Theorem?
  13. What is physical fitness?

10. Critical Essays:

Critical essays provide a thorough examination of a subject.

Critical essays typically follow a classic debate format—introduction, hypothesis, content, and conclusion—and rely on writings and the work of other critics to support their points.

Topics can be feedback on paintings, literature, movies, plays, and restaurants. Just like the other articles, you can start with the introduction and include the description in the body section, you may conclude the essay with the findings and by observing the specific lines.

Critical Essay Topics:

  1. The biggest social problem of recent times
  2. Why do companies spend millions of dollars on advertising their products?
  3. Provide one alternative to anti-poverty programs today and discuss
  4. Health effects of video gaming
  5. Effectiveness of America’s economic system
  6. The impact of a positive teacher relationship
  7. Solar Power
  8. Fossil Fuels
  9. The First Amendment
  10. Gun Control
  11. Fashion and Identity
  12. The Impact of Social Media on Education
  13. The Impact of a Positive Teacher Relationship
  14. Technology in Cars
  15. Investigation of a toy industry examination
  16. What are the issues with practicing good eating habits?
  17. Securities exchange and how it influences your day-by-day life

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To begin choosing a topic, consider the type of essay you need to write. Then, look through this list of writing themes to pick one that interests you, or use it to brainstorm a different, comparable topic. 

Soon, you will have a fascinating and informative essay that will demonstrate your writing ability.

Still, if you have any doubt, you can ask in the comment section below.

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