edX Pricing: How Much Does edX Cost?

If you are looking for the pricing plans of edX, you have landed on the right page. 

In this article, you can find all the pricing details of edX, including the details of various programs in edX. In fact, I have also given an overview of each program.

How Much Does edX Cost?

If you want to get accredited certificates on completing specific courses in edX, you might have to pay anywhere from $50-$300. Additionally, the paid courses in edX provide resourceful materials to get going with the learning. 

Did you know? You can also get an actual degree in edX virtually from the comfort of your home by enrolling in degree programs which can be priced at $10,000/-

Other significant programs curated by the edX team are also available. Let me quickly give an overview of each program in edX for easy understanding. 

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  • Professional Certificate Programs – You can buy it at $299 and get an accredited digital certificate on successfully completing the program. 

You can learn in-demand skills from professional experts directly through the program. The duration for the professional certificate programs is usually 3 months. If you spend only 5-8 hours per week on 2-3 courses, you can complete it in no time.

edX Pricing - Professional Certificate
  • MicroBachleros Programs – You can buy it at $499 and earn college credit.

You can access self-paced courses in MicroBachelors Program. The duration can be anywhere from 3-8 months, depending on the collection of courses in the program. You will also get a digital certificate which means it is a win-win situation. Spending only 4-10 hours per week productively for these programs is more than enough. 

MicroBachleros Program
  • XSeries Programs – You can buy it at $135 and get an accredited digital certificate on successfully completing the program. 

You can instantly dive into a course library set with multiple courses of similar interests. This way, you can acquire relevant skills without buying too many courses. edX ensured to club all the best courses under a single roof for quick learning. 

Xseries Programs

Although some courses are self-paced, the majority of the courses are instructor-led. You need to spend 2-8 hours only per week. The duration can be at an estimation of 8 weeks and more. Some XSeries Programs have only 2 courses. 

  • MicroMasters Programs – You can buy it at $600 and get an advanced academic standing digital certificate on successfully completing it.

By enrolling in MicroMasters, you can actually build to a Master’s degree while advancing your career. Since it is a vast program, the duration can be anywhere from 6-12 months to fully complete. You might have to spend 10 hrs per week. 

Micromasters Program
  • Master’s Degrees – You can buy it at $10,000 and get an actual degree.

edX literally made the option of getting a Master’s degree on a budget. You need to spend 2-3 years on the program and take 10+ courses led by professional instructors like a college curriculum. By spending 10-20 hours per week, you can complete your Master’s degree without having to go to college or pay a visit to the campus.

Master's Degrees

edX: Free Courses

Apart from the paid courses and degree programs in edX, you can actually audit any course of your choice in edX without paying a single penny. The only downside with the auditing option in edX is that you might not receive a certificate on completion. 

Looking at the bright side, you get the opportunity of getting a glimpse of any course in edX for free. Instead of free trials, edX offers free courses directly for you to stream.

Regarding the free courses in edX, there are no restrictions or limitations, and all the lessons are accessible, giving an overall learning experience.

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Final Thoughts: edX Pricing (2022)

The pricing structure in edX might feel like a pain in the bum, yet I simplified and listed everything you need to know about edX pricing and its confusing plans.

In conclusion, let me recall it once. You can audit all the courses in edX for free, buy paid courses anywhere from $50-$300 and get accredited certificates.

If you dig a little deeper, you can get an actual degree at $10,000. Additionally, there are paid programs in edX ranging from $135-$600 that you can enroll in.

edX might be the best choice if you are looking for a platform to learn in-demand skills and get an accredited certificate that might help in boosting your resume!

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