Coursera Plus Free Trial 2023 — Claim 7 Days Free

Are you having second thoughts about upgrading to Coursera Plus? Don’t worry; the Coursera Plus free trial is the perfect way to explore the platform. 

While Coursera offers a free version, it can be annoying to see that you do not have complete access to your favorite courses. This is where you can try Coursera Plus for free for 7 days. The free trial will give you complete access to Coursera Plus and help you decide if you want to buy the plan.

Coursera Plus Free Trial — 7 Days Free

Coursera gives you access to 7000+ courses in their Coursera Plus subscription. 🎯
You can grab access for free for a week with our link🔥

In this article, I have mentioned a step-by-step guide on how to claim your Coursera Plus free trial, along with the additional details you need to know!

So, let’s get into the details and help you grab your discount.

How to Start Your Coursera Plus 7-Days Free Trial?

Now that we have discovered having Coursera Plus free trial is a win-win situation for you, let us look at the step-by-step guide on how you can avail of the free trial.

Step #1: Visit the official Coursera website by clicking HERE, which will automatically redirect you to the Sign-up page.

Coursera Plus Free Trial - Overview

Step #2: A popup will appear. Sign up/in by filling in all the details. You can also sign up via Google or Facebook

Coursera Plus - Sign Up

Step #3: After signing up, you have to fill in all the necessary payment credentials and click on ‘Start a free trial 

Coursera Checkout Page

That is it! You see how easy starting with your Coursera Plus free trial is. Enjoy your 7-day free trial without having to worry about any fees!  

Coursera Plus – Pricing Explained! (2023)

Coursera Plus has two plans for its users. These subscriptions include a 7-day free trial and a 14-day money-back guarantee.  

The first one is its monthly plan, where you have to pay for your subscription every month. It starts at $59 per month and is perfect for people who have more free time and can take multiple courses at a time. 

Coursera Plus Pricing

The second Coursera Plus plan is billed annually, and it starts at $399 per year. Again, this plan works best for people who want to take unlimited courses and keep learning.

If you want to know the detailed pricing breakdown of Coursera and need help choosing the right plan for you, read our Coursera Cost article.

Coursera Refund Policy

You won’t be charged anything when you start your free trial, so there is nothing to refund, but you need to cancel the free trial before the subscription starts; otherwise, you will be charged for it. If you buy a certificate from Coursera, then you can ask for a refund within 14 days of buying it. The same refund applies to the specialization and the Coursera Plus subscription. You won’t get any refunds on the guided projects.

Is Coursera Plus Worth It?

Bonus: If you are still doubting whether Coursera is the right choice for you, allow us to help you! Head over to Coursera Review and dwell on the insights of the platform.

Coursera has been our top choice for years, and you can see that in our Best Online Platforms too. We understand it might be expensive for some users, but it is worth paying for the top-quality courses with professional teachers from IV League universities. 

Another reason why we love Coursera is because of its versatility. Coursera Plus covers a wide range of topics like data science, business, science, personal development, psychology, etc. However, what amazes us the most is even after covering such a wide variety of topics, it has never compromised the content quality of courses in any field.

The knowledge is immense, and the content is top-notch. Having Coursera Plus as your learning partner can be the best decision you have ever made!

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Wrapping Up! Coursera Plus Free Trial (2023)

Coursera is an excellent learning platform for all kinds of courses. You will find the best courses for your favorite subjects conducted by experts. With Coursera Plus’s free trial, you can experience the insightful learning platform and then decide whether it is the best choice for you or not. 

So what are you waiting for? Enroll for Coursera Plus today, access their 7-day free trial, and enjoy research-based and engaging courses today!

FAQs On Coursera Plus

Does Coursera Plus free trial provide certificate courses?

Unfortunately, while you have access to all the Coursera Plus courses in the free trial, including certificate courses, you do not get a certificate at the end of the course in your 7-day free trial period.

Do I have to cancel my Specialization Subscription before getting Coursera Plus?

Yes, you will have to cancel your Specialization Subscriptions before joining Coursera Plus. However, so that you do not pay an extra amount every month, as Coursera will not cancel it for you, you will have to do it yourself.  

What if I do not cancel my subscription before the trial ends?

If you do not cancel your subscription before your trial ends, your money will be deducted and your Coursera Plus subscription will be active. However, the good news is, you can get a refund of your money with its 14 days money-back guarantee. So, you can be assured that your money is in safe hands.

Can I use Coursera Plus for free?

You can try the courses of Coursera plus using the 7-day free trial only if you choose to pay monthly. If you choose to pay annually, then you won’t be getting a free trial, but you will get a 14-day money-back guarantee. But they can cancel your refund request if you earn a certificate during the 14 days period.

Can I use Coursera certificates to get a job?

Coursera certificates prove that you have learned a new skill or improved an existing one. You can add the certificates directly to your LinkedIn profile and resume, which can attract employers.

Is there a discount available on Coursera Plus?

Yes, you can save up to 30% on the annual plan of Coursera Plus. This way, you can take more than one course every month and save more than the monthly plan.

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