Benefits Of Homeschooling In 2024 (The Untold Truth)

The practice of homeschooling began to develop in the 1970s. During this era, John Holt and Raymond Moore, and other popular authors and researchers started penning their thoughts about initiating educational reforms. Presently, homeschooling is considered a legitimate practice in numerous states and even in foreign countries.

Nowadays, parents often choose to homeschool their children. They consider it more beneficial instead of sending their children to school. There might be a lot of reasons for which families decide to opt for homeschooling. Let us get to know about the benefits of homeschooling.

Why Opt For Homeschooling?

Many a time, people feel that the practice of homeschooling is better for their kids. People who intend to homeschool their children must be aware of their decision. The following pointers will ‘school’ you to examine the benefits of homeschooling.

Benefits Of Homeschooling - HomeSchooling
  1. No peer pressure: A compelling reason behind children’s declining mental health is bullying and peer pressure. Therefore, parents switch to homeschooling so that their kids do not have to face bullying in any form. Homeschooling also keeps peer pressure at bay and the child does not feel lost in the crowd. 
  1. Greater academic excellence: There is a low teacher-student ratio and not much time is wasted. Customizing homeschooling according to your child’s learning pattern and preferences drives academic growth. While choosing the homeschool curriculum, you can help your child set their own academic requirements. So, you are in total control of how and what your child learns. 
  1. Creation of strong bonds: In today’s world, children hardly get to spend an hour with their parents. One of the major benefits of homeschooling is that it enables parents to strengthen the bond with their children. Such a practice allows a child to get more involved with their family and community members. Also, the parents become intimately aware of their kid’s learning progress. Thus, they are able to look after them without facing issues. 
  1. Flexible schedule: Since homeschooling provides the chance for schedule flexibility, kids can learn at their respective paces without external pressure. Conventional schooling often sets such unrealistic tests that children have to stay up late preparing for them. However, homeschooling neither limits nor pressurizes. It makes the child gain curiosity and excitement about the meaning and purpose of their education. 

How is Homeschooling Possible While Travelling?

The past two years have seen a variety of changes due to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Severe limitations were imposed on traveling. However, now we are gradually progressing towards normalcy and returning to a traveling life.

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Undoubtedly, we have involved ourselves in full-fledged homeschooling during the pandemic. Two splendid freedoms come in life homeschooling and traveling. The question is: can you travel while homeschooling your kid? Below are a few tips to make the process easy.

  • Implement a program: During the pandemic parents were having difficulty getting acquainted with homeschooling. The factor that led to this struggle is that it was not planned properly. Often parents merely involved their kids in remote learning. Different companies have made it a seamless procedure to arrange homeschool programs while providing the required resources to the learners. Since these programs have proper scheduling and great commitment, children can learn more efficiently while traveling.
  • Life lessons: One of the significant benefits of homeschooling while traveling is that the children get adapted to unfamiliar environments and experiences. For instance, the child can learn a new language much better while conversing with the native speaker. Moreover, they get to learn about how other people lead their lifestyles. It opens up broader visions and helps them explore things on an unprecedented scale. 
  • Portable classroom: The absence of a classroom environment is a huge concern if you are opting for homeschooling while traveling. It becomes more so if you are staying in a small space. Hardly do you get to understand where the classroom ends and the playroom begins. What you can do to make things work is carry posters, whiteboards, and other necessities that can be used for learning. You can also teach your child through online learning.
  • Remote work: It largely varies from one individual to the other regarding whether they can succeed in homeschooling while traveling while balancing remote work as well. The kind of job you have taken up is another factor that determines whether you can go for it. However, in today’s world, there are more flexible schedules and scope for part-time work. Therefore, you can try investing your energy and commitment in your work and the child’s learning simultaneously. 

Homeschooling vs Traditional Education: Which One is Better in 2024?

  1. Access to resources: The greatest advantage of traditional schooling is that children get access to a bigger number of educational resources and techniques. It may so happen that you are not able to afford certain necessary equipment and technology that can easily be available in schools. Here, traditional education plays a greater hand. 
  1. Interaction with peers: The presence of other pupils can prove to be positive for some children. Working with peers can teach valuable life skills like cooperation, teamwork, resolving conflicts, and so on. This social element of traditional schooling goes a long way in preparing the child for bigger challenges. 
  1. Amount of academic pressure on the kid: The lesser amount of academic pressure allows the kid to take part in recreational activities. Another factor is that there is no extra homework to burden the students. Generally, kids develop an immense interest in courses to which they can relate. The practice of homeschooling provides such flexibility instead of customary routine-based courses. So, homeschooling has better educational quality than traditional schooling. 

Is Homeschooling Better for Mental Health?

Since homeschooling often incorporates more time in the ground, the children get the scope for physical activities. Not only is this beneficial for the child’s physical health but also improves their emotional and mental well-being. Additionally, children do not have to suffer from the stress and overload of tests and homework. Instead, they can utilize this time in playing and engaging in activities that do not require them to memorize facts or/and stress over grades. 

Homeschooled children receive more emotional freedom and can express their behavior as they want to. It can be seen when a child is able to talk to the parent/teacher about their individual requirement without feeling shy or embarrassed.

According to research, adolescents who have been homeschooled stand lesser chances of risky behaviors in life. A recent study showed that homeschooled children are more likely to develop a forgiving attitude towards others. 

In other words, the benefits of homeschooling the child paves the way for a lot of personal growth. As the children spend more time developing their characters, they become mature emotionally, philosophically, and spiritually. 

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Conclusion: Benefits Of Homeschooling (2024)

Whatever method you decide to go with must cater to your child’s requirements. Allowing the kid to enjoy the joys of learning is essential. After all, we excel in what we enjoy doing the most, isn’t it.

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