edX Black Friday 2023 — 50% Discount On All Courses

When you plan to learn a new skill, you may need clarification about where to start. But with the exclusive Edx Black Friday discount, you will not think twice before investing your money into the best online courses available.

Edx is one of the top-ranking e-learning platforms today. Not only does it offer a massive course collection, but the courses consist of high-quality content curated by celebrated leaders and entrepreneurs. 

With Edx, you will never have to worry about not gaining enough value for your time and money. And now, with the exciting Edx Black Friday offers, you can avail of all your favorite courses at a pocket-friendly price

So let us check out the exciting offers without further ado!

Edx Black Friday 2023!

Edx Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are the perfect opportunities for enthusiastic learners to grab their favorite courses at low prices. If you are a regular user of Edx, this is the ideal chance to save enormous money by purchasing all the courses you have ever wanted. 

With the Edx Black Friday sale, the course prices go down by 50%, saving you up to $24.5 per course! The deals here enable learners to purchase several courses on a decent budget. Although the Edx Black Friday sale is not live, the countdown has begun. 

Be ready as you might catch the deals in the first or second week of November, so start listing your favorite courses and save as much as possible. If you want an estimate on how much you can save in the Edx Black Friday sale, check out the table below. 

Plan Original price Price after Edx Black Friday Savings 
Verified Track $49$24.5$24.5

The best part about using our exclusive link to avail of the Edx Black Friday discounts is you do not have to enter any discount code manually. Just click on the link in our step guide and grab the offer within minutes. 

While the Edx Black Friday sale still has time, if you want to start learning your favorite skills right away, you can head to the official Edx website and check out the programs related to your niche. There is an ongoing discount of up to 20% on all courses for a limited time. 

You can select the course certification of your choice and enter the code EDXWELCOME at checkout to redeem the ongoing discount code. Note that this offer only exists for first-time learners. 

Now, head to our easy guide on redeeming your Edx Black Friday offers without going through any complicated procedures. 

How to Avail The Edx Black Friday Discount? Step-by-Step Guide 

After knowing all about the Edx Black Friday sale, we will not keep you waiting to see how you can avail of it. Follow the steps below for a hassle-free process and get the offer within minutes. 

Step 1: Head over to the official Edx website by tapping on our exclusive link HERE.

Step 2: On the home page, you will find various courses and degree programs you can choose from. If you have something specific in mind, you can look for it in the search section. 

Edx official

Step 3: When you find the course you want to enroll in, click on the Enroll option below the course description.

Click on the Enroll option

Step 4: You will see two options. One is where you can access the course for free with limited course material, and the other is the certification option. Here you get full access to the course material and a shareable certificate. Click on Upgrade Now. 

 Access to the course material

Step 5: The page will direct you to the payment page, where you must fill in all your personal information. 

Create an Account

Step 6: Review your total bill, where the discount will reflect in the final amount displayed. 

Review your total

Step 7: Lastly, enter all your payment credentials of the selected method and click on Place Order. 

Your payment credentials

Congratulations! You have successfully availed of the Edx Black Friday discount and can enjoy your favorite courses at the best price available in the market!

Edx Audit Track vs Verified Track

Edx has a massive course catalog of more than 3000 courses. The courses here belong to the elite category and support quality education for all learners. 

Ensuring the new learners do not invest in the wrong courses, each course mentions its skill scores and requirements so that students can gain maximum value from the program they enroll in. It primarily has two ways to enroll, i.e., Audit Track and Verified Track. 

Audit Track, where you can enroll for any course without any cost. While you can start learning from your favorite program, this plan has specific limitations. For example, you will only be permitted to access some course material to complete the course. 

Moreover, you are not eligible for certification when you complete the course and cannot access graded assignments and tests. If you are pursuing a course just as a hobby or to improve on your existing skills, you can enroll in the Audit Track. 

However, if you want a fulfilling learning experience that helps you track your growth and adds credibly to your resume, you must enroll for the Verified Track. To understand more clearly, please refer to the below table for specifications. 

Features Verified Track Audit Track 
Access to courseUnlimited Limited 
World-class universities, Yes Yes 
Edx support Yes Yes 
Shareable certificate Yes No 
Graded assignments and exams Yes No 

Edx For Business 

Edx business is an exceptional program for large companies or teams. If you are a business owner and want to uplift the skills of your team members and employees, Edx business is the perfect way to ensure substantial growth of your work team or organization. 

With Edx business, you can access its entire course catalog and degree programs in various niches. The best part is that Edx business offers higher education programs and courses from prestigious universities like Harvard, Berkeley, Cambridge, etc.

Additionally, the business plans are super flexible and customizable to ensure you can maximize the value of your money. Your team gets access to seamless integrations, powerful admin, learner dashboards, and several other top-notch functionalities.

Edx Pricing- Explained!

Edx is a one-stop solution for all learners looking for a sustainable option to pursue exceptional skills in their niche. However, let us discuss the pricing of Edx plans to understand which subscription fits your budget the best. 

Plans Pricing 
Verified Track $49
Audit Track Free 
Edx Business Custom 

Wrapping Up! Edx Black Friday (2023)

There is no better sale than Edx Black Friday to buy your favorite course at a budget-friendly price. The deals and offers during this time are massive, so ensure to save maximum money this holiday season and learn to form the world’s top leaders. 

Edx Black Friday discounts allow you to learn from the most proficient leaders without cutting a hole in your pocket. Hence, make sure you grab these discounts as they only last for a limited period. 

We hope this article helped get the Edx Black Friday discount. Let us know your reviews on Edx in the comments section below!


Does the Edx Black Friday sale offer the best discounts?

Edx has other sales other than Black Friday. However, if you are looking for the best deals and offers, there isn’t a better opportunity than Edx Black Friday to grab your favorite courses and programs. 

Is there any other discount on Edx before the Black Friday sale?

For all first-time Edx learners eager to learn new skills, Edx is offering a 20% discount on all its courses. Simply enter the code EDXWELCOME at checkout the redeem the discount code. 

How much can I save in Edx Black Friday sale?

The Edx Black Friday sale offers up to a 50% discount to all learners, saving up to $24.5 per course.

When will Black Friday deals on edX go live?

This year, Black Friday is on the 26th of November, so the deals usually go live around the weekend before Black Friday, so you can only expect these deals around that time.

What is edX financial aid?

edX Financial Aid is an option for those users who can’t pay for an edX course but want to learn it badly. They need to apply for financial aid and get up to 90% off on the courses. You can apply for financial aid options up to five times a year.

Can I get a job with edX certificates?

Yes, you can get a job using edX certificates. You need to include them in your resume and show them to your employers.

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