Zen12 Meditation Review 2024 — Is It Worth It?

I was dealing with severe anxiety issues, and when I went to therapy, meditation was one of the top recommended things to do, but I wasn’t sure how to start.

After thorough research on the internet, I came across Zen12, which claimed to take only 12 minutes of our time and give such a relaxing and refreshing mood.

I got skeptical and immediately took up Zen12. The rest is history. Now, I am religiously using Zen12 every day, and the impact of Zen12 is immaculate. That’s when I decided to write this Zen12 Meditation Review to share my experience with you guys.

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In this article, you’ll learn everything about Zen12, how Zen12 works, the benefits of Zen12, why you need Zen12, the pros & cons, pricing, etc.

I also answer the verdict – “Is Zen12  worth it?” towards the end. Watch out!

Zen 12 Meditation Review: In a Nutshell

Overall Rating4.5 out of 5 Stars.
PricingStarting from $67 up to $87
Free TrialNot Available
Money Back Guarantee1 Year Money Back Guarantee
Worth it?YES!

What is Zen12 Meditation?

Zen12 is basically a meditation program that has a different approach towards meditating efficiently at ease, which takes only 12 minutes of your daily life. 

The platform uses unique brainwave audio in an MP3 file which helps in better meditation and gets you into the practice of deeply inclined meditation.

Zen12 Meditation Review

There are no complicated Yoga poses or exercises to remember. All you have to do is sit back for 12 minutes for each session, hit the play button, and meditate peacefully.

The best part about Zen12 is that it is scientifically proven to have multiple health and mental benefits, including reduced stress, enhanced creativity, and brainpower.

As mentioned earlier, Zen12 follows a different approach which has certain levels, and the levels grow along with you as you grow, which is an excellent feature in Zen12.

In Zen12, you also have various meditation styles because not everybody meditates in the same way. Hence, Zen12 produces four unique meditation styles.

Even if you are a complete beginner, Zen12 has got your back with user manuals and guides to understand how Zen12 works so that you don’t feel lost about its working.

How does Zen12 Meditation work?

The working of Zen12 is pretty simple and straightforward. As in, it is not some rocket science to understand Zen12 because everything is easily accessible.

How Does Zen12 Meditation Work

Zen12 uses a unique approach called “brainwave entrainment” in order to induce you into the core of meditation. By this, I am trying to say that you don’t necessarily have to force yourself or try to sit for hours to get that perfect and calm meditation.

The audio file provided by Zen12 will replicate brainwave frequencies which means you’d get a deeper connection with your meditation. All you have to do is sit down with the unique MP3 audio, and Zen12 ensures to give you a peaceful meditation.

In return, your brain catches all these frequencies via the Zen12 MP3 audio. This process is termed “brainwave entrainment,” which is exclusively offered by Zen12.

Guess what? Unlike other Yoga, Exercise, and Workout sessions, Zen12 only requires 12 minutes for a full-fledged meditating session. Also, Zen12 grows with you by adding new levels as the month passes, which helps in deeper and better relaxation.

You also get a variety of mediating styles like different meditations modes and music. There are four unique mediation styles: guided meditation, relaxation music, white noise, and sounds of nature. You can even mix and match at different levels.

Why do you need Zen12 Meditation? (My experience) 

It is common that most people suffer from mental health issues, and programs like Zen12 Meditation will definitely help them come out of it easily.

I mean, it is not only constrained to that, but many more benefits like squeezing your creative juices, enhancing fresh thoughts, and reducing anxiety are also done by Zen12.

Why Do You Need Zen12. My experience in 2023.

Zen12 is molded in a way that is easier for anyone to try it out to get that strong focus in life, a stable mind, and a clear vision towards your goal. Usually, people skip doing yoga, working out, or even exercising just because they don’t find enough time.

Guess what? You only need 12 minutes to get a refreshing feeling with Zen12. As I played the MP3 audio file provided by Zen12, I was able to concentrate on the meditation rather than sitting completely blank with zero thoughts. 

The innovative approach called “brainwave entrainment” greatly impacted me and did Zen12 meditation into a habit eventually. Now, I am able to think creatively often and feel less anxious about things in life.

What is Included In Zen12 Meditation?

Everyone has their own meditation style, some people want to do meditation with relaxing music in the background, and some prefer guided meditation practice. Zen12 Meditation is compatible with all meditation styles. Here are the things you will get in Zen12 Meditation:

  • Relaxation Music: You can choose the relaxing music of Zen12 to do your meditation, and this spa-like music can really help you get in the zone. The soothing music can help you get your grip on proper meditation.
  • Sounds Of Nature: Wouldn’t it be best to meditate under the blue sky and in nature with all of its sounds? But not everyone can meditate in the open with the sounds of nature. Zen12 Meditation offers sounds of nature while you do the meditation. Once you close your eyes, you will feel like you’re out in the open with nature.
  • Guided Meditation: This type of meditation can help beginners focus on something during meditation. You will hear someone guiding you through your meditation. But this can be annoying if you already know how to get into the zone of meditation.
  • White Noise: The white noise option is good if you want to silence all the noises coming from your surroundings. The fuzzy white noise will block all the outside noises. This is great for those who want to meditate in busy places.

Zen12 Meditation: Benefits

It is always rewarding to see the results after using a product. Likewise, there are a lot of benefits I was able to witness myself after using Zen12. I was legit surprised. 

Let me quickly share all the benefits that you will experience the same way that I did. 

The benefits of using Zen12 are:

  • Improves mood
  • Enhances creativity
  • Increases focus level
  • Improvises relaxation 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Helps in improving brain power

Along with the immediate benefits listed above by Zen12, there are some long-term benefits like greater inner peace, emotional mastery, and a higher stress threshold that will completely transform you as a person entirely.

Pros & Cons of Zen12 Meditation:

After using Zen12, I noticed a lot of things that I felt were reasons to use Zen12, followed by some downsides to keep in mind while buying Zen12. They are:

Zen12 Pros:

  • No need for prior experience.
  • Availability of different levels.
  • A variety of mediating styles.
  • Only 12 minutes is required.
  • Easily accessible.

Zen12 Cons:

  • No offline facilities.

Who is best-suited to Zen12 Meditation?

Unlike other learning platforms, sessions, and classes, Zen12 is something that you can do by yourself without any company. Zen12 is targeted to anyone who is trying to get out of the negative aura in their life and fully dwell into a spiritual awakening.

I mean, Zen12 uses brainwave frequencies that are scientifically proven to be helping you in enhancing creativity, reducing anxiety, and giving greater relaxation. 

After listing everything about Zen12 and its benefits, it is evident that anyone is eligible to be using Zen12, and there are no age restrictions if you want to use Zen12.

Also, the user experience is also easy, which means you do not need prior experience.

What is the cost of Zen12 Meditation?

Now, you know everything about Zen12 and how it works. The only thing that is left out is their pricing plans. Is Zen12 affordable? Or is it expensive? Let me break it down.

Zen12 Meditation Pricing

There are three unique pricing modules in Zen12 which offer different benefits accordingly. They are:

  • Beginner – $127 (discounted as $67) offers 24 Zen12 MP3 audio files and six months of levels covering beginner and intermediate stages.
  • Premium – $187 (discounted as $87) which offers 48 Zen12 MP3 audio files, twelve months of levels covering all stages from beginner to advanced. 
  • Advanced – $127 (discounted as $67) which offers 24 advanced Zen12 MP3 audio files and six months of levels covering advanced stages (the last levels).

By default, all the pricing modules in Zen12 give quick start guides, user manuals, lifetime support, a 1-year money-back guarantee, and exclusive bonus gifts.

NOTE: Only the Premium plan additionally offers access to an exclusive 1-hour session hosted by Karl Moore audio guides to each level, which is great. 

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Final verdict – “Is Zen12 Meditation worth it in 2024?”

After religiously using Zen12, I think I might have the answer to this. Though I thought an offline class would be better, it was all worth it with Zen12.

I mean, everything was simplified so that I only needed to spend 12 minutes per day to get that refreshing and enhanced mood that would keep me sane throughout. 

There are a lot of mental benefits that came along with my sessions with Zen12. Like, it helped me in reducing my anxiety issues, enhancing creativity, and many more.

The best part about Zen12 is that they are beginner-friendly, which means even if you have never sat for meditation or even considered doing Yoga, Zen12 got you covered.

Zen12 has user manuals, starter guides, and lifetime support. Hence there is no need to worry if you are wondering that you might get lost with their program.

To cover it all, I’d say Zen12 is a must for everyone if you are battling to find peace and relaxation in your life, and I would strongly recommend it because I have used Zen12 myself, and the results are just amusing. 

There is also a money-back guarantee in Zen12, which you can try risk-free, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the most benefit with Zen12 meditation!


What is Zen12 Meditation?

Zen12 is basically a meditation program that has a different approach towards meditating efficiently at ease, which takes only 12 minutes of your daily life. 

Is there a free trial in Zen12 Meditation?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial in Zen12 Meditation, but there is a one-year money-back guarantee that you can access effectively.

What are the benefits of Zen12 Meditation?

There are countless benefits in Zen12, including greater relaxation, enhanced creativity, reduced anxiety,  improvement in mood, and more.

How much is Zen12 Meditation?

The most recommended plan in Zen12 costs $187, which offers 48 Zen12 MP3 audio files, twelve months of levels covering all stages.

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