Lifebook Online Review 2024: How Does It Help You?

I have dealt with enough trauma and failure in life, so I took Lifebook Online Review.

Lifebook Online was advertised as something that can change your life, apparently, but I had my doubts about it. Looking at my existential crisis, I had to take Lifebook Online.

Since I blindly took Lifebook Online, I did not have any expectations about the quality of Lifebook Online and so directly dived into it. Still, I was curious to learn about Lifebook Online.

The impact of Lifebook Online was mind-blowing. Would you believe if Lifebook Online, a 6-week program, changed my life into something better? Lifebook Online was something else.

Later, I decided to write a detailed review of my experience with Lifebook Online so that you can learn how effective Lifebook Online really is. I also wrote about the benefits of Lifebook Online, the lessons in Lifebook Online, who is suitable for Lifebook Online, and many more.

In the end, I also answer the most anticipated verdict – “Is Lifebook Online Worth it?”

A Glimpse of Lifebook Online: (My Experience)

Lifebook Online is nothing but a 6-week transformative program that recalls 12 unique categories of life that a person deals with every day. It is expected that everything in life is interconnected. 

No, I am not talking about the movie Interstellar, but you get what I mean, right? From being financially stable to emotionally balanced to physically fit to mentally normal, you need to ensure that you are not finding any loose ends in any aspect since it might disrupt the entire chain.

Well, I have done an in-depth Mindvalley review which helps you get detailed insights into the platform.

That’s where Lifebook Online dives in. I would not say that it was something I found hard in fitting in since Lifebook Online’s approach was easy and flexible. 

To be honest, it did not feel like a scammy profit-oriented selling course but something that genuinely cared about the aspects involved in your life. In fact, the spectacular refund policy in Lifebook Online is indeed a testimony to their authenticity and trust in the program.

Lifebook Online Review - Overview

In Lifebook Online, you are basically questioned about the categories your life revolves around every day. As mentioned earlier, there are no complexities but genuine life questions.

It is not like they are holding a gun straight to your head and asking about your life. Lifebook Online felt like an old friend trying to reconnect with you after a long time and assure you that things will be fine with adequate guidance and detailed explanation of certain aspects.

Those “certain aspects” are the 12 categories that Lifebook Online concentrates on. 

They are Parenting, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Financial, Career, Love, Health, Character, Vision, and Quality. See? There are mere categories that a person deals with. It is evident that if one thing breaks apart among the 12 aspects, the impact can damage the chain.

For a long time, I had trouble with life but was not sure what was the cause and how it was impacting my entire livelihood. Only in Lifebook Online, I figured out after answering the questions laid down by them. I had trouble with finance and quality, and those were affecting me.

Although Lifebook Online helped find the treasure chest, they also handed over the key to open it and enjoy the benefits all along. How generous? Yes, Lifebook Online truly changes you.

How does Lifebook Online work?

As mentioned earlier, the working of Lifebook Online is simple and straightforward.

You will be questioned about the 12 aspects of life. Don’t worry; it is not a test or an exam. It is a mere assessment curated by Lifebook Online to figure out the problems that you are dealing with and find a proper fix for them right away. In only 6 weeks, you will see a change in yourself.

Although Lifebook Online is set for 6 weeks, the timeline is only 4 hours per week which means you will be closely working on 2 aspects of life in a week. Say you and Lifebook Online are working on Love and Health this week for 4 hours; you have the rest of the week to soak in.

By soaking in practice and the principles, you will be able to narrow down the factor holding you back. Additionally, it will improvise the revisioned aspects with quality and time.

Obviously, the change is not physical or something you can see in person, but you can feel it, sense it, and ideate it. Most importantly, you have to take in advice and lessons learned.

What’s more? Lifebook Online not only talks openly about the triggering factors but will also deliver a well-curated plan of action that you can take away from the program. 

This way, you are clear about taking the lessons and applying them in life. I mean, look at how precise the process of Lifebook Online is. All you have to do is religiously take the lessons.

Who are the Instructors in Lifebook Online?

Wondering who could be the mastermind behind Lifebook Online? Well, there is not just one but two instructors who are handling Lifebook Online, Jon and Missy Butcher, who are some of the influential couples in a mission to bring change. That’s the kind of power couple I get inspired by.

Eventually, by time, hard work, and dedication, both grew into successful entrepreneurs while owning multiple companies that aim at helping people solve problems with the art of healing.

Lifebook Online - Author

Although other companies were born out of sheer cooperation with his wife and members, Lifebook Online was birthed by Jim’s personal battle with anxiety. He recalls that his anxiety debut was when he was on his way to an official meeting with some people.

The anxiety attack he had dealt with left him with months of a mental shutdown, and so his father suggested to him a self-development program. The program’s impact on him was surreal, said Jon. 

Fast forward, he knew for a fact that there were people like him out there who needed help, and so he partnered with Mindvalley and produced Lifebook Online. 

" We have what we call a respectful disregard for the way anybody does just about anything. We respect everybody's right to live the way they want; to however we are going to create our own path"

- Jon Butcher

Lifebook Online Lessons Explained:

Lifebook had many resourceful things to offer. In fact, in the beginning, you will be requested to take an assessment to find out a life quotient score that is based on all dimensions of life.

Lifebook Online - Course

Although the score is not a grade or mark, it is only a mere number for calculation purposes and how to take your Lifebook experience further. It will also act as a progress tracker, which means you will know how far you have come at the end of the program. Lifebook Online starts with:

  • Brief introduction

A very subtle introduction will be delivered by Jon and Missy Butcher, who are the instructors of Lifebook Online. They basically talk about the evolution of Lifebook Online and how impactful your journey with Lifebook Online will be. No, it won’t sound like a boring lecture.

Following the introduction, Lifebook Online will start with the lessons on a standard protocol wherein two categories will be discussed in a week. As mentioned earlier, only 4 hours will be spent in a week on two essential aspects of life in Lifebook Online.

Hence, I will briefly explain my experience each week in Lifebook Online so that you get the gist of at least an overview of Lifebook Online.

  • Week 1 – Intellectual and Health & Fitness

Week 1 was well-executed by Jon. It is common advice that health comes first, and Jon took it seriously and delivered a beautiful first-week impression wherein he discusses how other damaged aspects in your life could be the reason for your poor health. It can be indirect.

I mean, I was taken aback and was seeing my health and fitness dimension of life in a completely different perspective, which I never thought I’d be seeing. It was only the pointer of Lifebook Online.

Similarly, the take on intellectualism was also focused on being attentive and conscious about our intellectual mind. Talk about manifestation was also disclosed in the scene, which was great.

Basically, you get to see things in the third eye view, which people do not usually see through.

  • Week 2 –  Emotional Character

Although it is two-titled categories, I combined them because it still made sense since a character with a balanced emotional sense is what makes a complete person.

In Week 2, Jon opens up about his past life and is transparent about it so that the viewers do not feel caged and relate to his vulnerable state. About the dimensions, he suggests maintaining a fine balance between happiness and sadness in an appropriate ratio.

Additionally, he guarantees that post the program; you might still go through challenges. You should allow yourself to feel all the emotions, including sadness because an abundance of anything will only result in nothing. 

Happiness should not be the prime goal but something with a pinch of salt. Wise words, right?

Regarding the Character aspect, several factors like character development, redefining your worth, building a healthy bond with yourself, and bringing change are discussed. Although talking about a person’s character is a sensitive topic to revolve around, Jon makes it easy.

  • Week 3 – Spiritual Love

As evident as it sounds, spirituality intertwines with intellectuality, and Jon explains it beautifully. In Week 3, you get to find your purpose in life, learn spiritual awakening and free your conscious mind. As a beginner to dig deep into the spiritual spectrum, it was quite hard for me.

Eventually, you will get into the core subject of the topic and get going with it. Slow and steady.

Along the process, you will also unlearn certain accidental learnings that were plunged into your mind unconsciously. Have you seen those movies where the protagonist will be like, I will find my purpose in life and end up getting hurt by the villain? Well, nothing like that happens.

In contrast, you will be able to learn why you were born and what is the ultimate goal that you have in store for yourself, pretty much like a self-discovery journey but with effective results.

About the Love aspect, things get serious. Once you are committed to another person and end up in a satisfying relationship, you are no more two individuals instead of a beautiful couple. I mean, that can be counted as one bigger person, and Jon suggests some ideal aspects that you need to preach and follow being the bigger person to sustain it more prolonged and more profound.

  • Week 4 – Social Life and Parenting

I am not a parent. Yet. Still, the incredible life lessons and advice from Lifebook Online were inspiring. You get to learn basic parenting ideologies and strategies to keep in mind.

As mentioned earlier, without being a parent, honestly, this section might seem irrelevant. The instructors claim it can help mentor younger people, which I don’t think I agree with.

Since parenting is decisive action and even the slightest influence on another person, especially younger children, it is a big responsibility for the influencer to take in. 

Not an Instagram influencer, but an authentic influencer on a person’s growth. I did not pay much attention to the parenting section, although I took some critical takeaways like parenting principles.

Plus, I am not that party freak you can hang out with, so I paid full attention to the “social” category so that I could break out of my shell and adequately socialize with people. In the section, several guidelines were laid down, like building a captivating trait and impact of social life.

Jon does not say that you need to take advantage of a friendship but to analyze what value friendship brings in your life, including the good, the bad, the conscious, and the untold.

  • Week 5 – Career and Finance

Most young adults struggle with choosing the right career option. Still, it has been an issue.

Some might blindly jump into the rabbit hole of opportunities. In contrast, others might not even realize that there is an opportunity and so financial and career guidance is great learning.

In Week 5, Jon helps in closely connecting the dots of your goal ideations with the available career opportunities. He also recalls that you have to comprehend the potential of a career.

Frankly speaking, it felt like a wise man wanted to offer help regarding his career. I have a job, yet I was able to narrow down some compelling points that can help in bettering my work life.

Similarly, the significant impact that money can make in terms of finance is also profoundly explained.

  • Week 6 – Vision and Quality Life

People often get blinded by materialistic visuals and appealing products but tend to forget that there is a life beyond materialistic items. I was stunned, and it was a reality check.

Nowadays, we are constantly on the run for a better future and overlook our present or sometimes even destroy the comfort of the present feeling thinking that the future will benefit us.

Unfortunately, the future will only get impacted by the unquestionable actions that we perform at the moment. In Week 6 of Lifebook Online, I fully understood my vision in life.

I mean, everybody has a vision in life, but only a few actually work towards it. Jon did the right thing in offering beneficial advice in encouraging me to step up and hustle towards my vision.

He also reminds us that any of the aspects in Lifebook Online should be considered since each dimension of life somehow reflects on one another aspect. 

What are the benefits of Lifebook Online?

Lifebook Online is literally a Lifebook. Yes, that’s correct.

Did you pay attention when I said it would transform your life at the beginning of the article? Even if you didn’t, let me recall it again and tell you that you get various tools, tips, and techniques induced as benefits in Lifebook to implement into your life to better your future. 

In Lifebook Online, there is a mission to be accomplished by the instructors. Jon and Missy Butcher have assured that your problems will subside and a solution delivered.

The solution is not direct, but through practice and dedication towards Lifebook Online, you and the instructors in Lifebook Online will be able to achieve it. Although it took some time, it varies accordingly from person to person.

Let me quickly list the benefits that you will be able to gain out of Lifebook Online:

  • Reflective questions to spot the triggering factors in each aspect of life.
  • You get access to a global community with other Lifebook Online ongoing members.
  • An impeccable Lifebook template to design your Lifebook, which is also editable.
  • Live interactive sessions with Lifebook Online instructors Jon and Missy Butcher.
  • Even live calls which are archived can be used as helpful resources later in the program.
  • Progress assessment is held so that you can analyze how effective Lifebook Online is. 

Lifebook Online has basically opened the doors to a new life, to be precise, an altered life. You might be going through an existential crisis, but Lifebook Online will surely neglect it away in no time.

Who is suitable for Lifebook Online?

In case you are dreaming that Lifebook Online could be a magical experience, I would only partially agree with you since it cannot guarantee an overnight result and demands effort.

It is evident that you have to put in the work in order to get something in return. I mean, I am not arguing about the fact that you are paying for Lifebook Online, but subtle cooperation is needed.

Say you are getting an education by paying the price, and if you cannot get good grades, you cannot blame the school management or the tutors; you need to put in the work and learn to achieve.

Likewise, Lifebook Online is suitable only for:

  • Anyone who wishes to transform their life by religiously following the desired practice.
  • Someone who has lost their interest in achieving a certain goal or failed to do so.
  • People who are lost and need practical guidance to find answers to themselves. 
  • A person who is battling with an existential crisis or anxiety due to certain factors.

Personally, I would suggest Lifebook Online to everyone since it is well-curated and drafted so that it is effective in all aspects of life. 12 categories in life, remember? Yes, all that will be discussed, and you will be provided with an enthralling action plan to further your life happily.

Lifebook Online Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the benefits & drawbacks of using Lifebook Online.


  • The Lifebook Online does a pre and post-assessment of you so that you can see your progress.
  • Videos are shot in a great way which will make you give your complete attention to the course.
  • Changes your approach toward life planning and goal setting completely.
  • After completing the course, you can take charge of your life and turn it around for the better.
  • Mindvalley team provides guidance through live video calls and pre-recorded videos.


  • There are 12 sections to the course, and not all of them apply to everyone’s life.
  • There are very few times the course is offered in a year.

Is Lifebook Online expensive?

Lifebook Online is a life-changing program with unlimited resources. I mean, not literally unlimited, but you get various benefits under a single roof. It’s a win-win situation. 

Talking about the budget, Lifebook can seem expensive but hear me out. You are getting access to something incredible that can bring value to your life. Consider Lifebook Online as an investment, and you can see how great it can reflect on life. 

To break down the pricing, Lifebook Online is available as digital access at $499 as of now. Usually, it is sold at $1250, which is insanely expensive, but at the discount rate, it seems fair. 

Lifebook Online Price

Grab it before it runs out! There is also an exclusive refund policy that Lifebook Online is trying with its users, which sounds like a fun challenge. You would have to pay $500 upfront and complete Lifebook Online diligently without skipping any lessons within a period.

If you do, you can request a full refund, and voila, you will be refunded successfully

Lifebook Review 2024 – Is It Worth It?

Lifebook Online was not a program; it was a journey for me. Yes, it was worth it.

With dedicated instructors who are constantly motivating and encouraging every nuance of life in different dimensions and giving enough space to open up, Lifebook Online was a relief.

Honestly, Lifebook Online hit differently, at least for me. It definitely did not feel like taking a meditation class on a Sunday evening; instead, it was evolving and empowering. 

Along with the resources, live calls, and templates, Lifebook Online felt complete. I mean, I was given everything I needed to fix my life. Guess what? I did. I fixed my life. Thanks to Lifebook Online!

Most people spend several hours and hundreds of dollars on “motivational speeches” by some random guru. Still, they refuse to go for a self-development program that can actually change their life.

One such program is Lifebook Online. I am sure Lifebook Online can be of great help. 

Are you still not sure about Lifebook Online? Enroll in Lifebook Online and request a refund if you are not satisfied. You might get a full refund if you paid $500 upfront and completed it quickly.

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